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Randy of folks wanna listen to the show wherever they're coming from coming back from a football game anywhere in the state of Oklahoma. Or maybe they've been following a game from outside the state of Oklahoma. That's fine too. We have stations that curious all over the state of Oklahoma. And you could find out those affiliates. Friday night, finals dot com is the website has more about that. We're on Facebook to search for Friday night finals Twitter, f f okay L A, and as well, they can just get that I heart radio app, right? Right. And if you're if you're coming home from somewhere, you know, some of the perhaps many of the stations from your hometown right on the iheartradio. Exactly. So check that out and check out Friday night finals wherever you are. All right. What do you get to some scores here and figuring out what happened here in week number seven here in the state of Oklahoma? Let's start up at the top in six say one couple ballgames from last night. Number three, Tulsa union at more. It was all union fifty five to twelve Peyton Thompson seventeen of twenty one three hundred twenty one yards and three touchdowns at one point in the. The second quarter Thompson completed twelve straight passes and union roles. Darius nice night to fifteen carries one hundred and fifty five yards. Just some some video game numbers union offense five hundred twenty two total yards twenty first downs as they dismantle more now five and two four. No in district to also a district too. But MC nor trying to rebound from their loss last week. And they did over Norman north forty four to fourteen. The Panthers will Taylor with three touchdowns. He caught one ran for one and had an I n t for a touchdown as well. A pick six Aaron Norman eighteen of thirty four say north two hundred and twenty yards three touchdowns and an interception as the Panthers are now six and one three and one in district two games from tonight. We started out with Bobby the biggest game of the night in six say number one, broken arrow, number four Edmond Santa Fe, and it was all broken arrow thirty-five the seven wins their seven zero four no in district. One play that was. I loss for Edmond Santa Fe as number one easily beats number four in this district. One matchup number two jinx no problems with EDNA memorial thirty-five to nothing jinks wins. They're six and one three and one in district one. Norman they beat at Enid tonight. Norman with gets back on the winning track. Forty three to thirty five Norman now four and three to two in district. One play west more beats uconn at home thirty five to fourteen the Jags now five and two and three and one and district to play tonight. Mustang beats Ed manure thirty eight to fourteen Broncos now three and four two and two in district play and then number five, oh Oiseaux beats south more tonight. Twenty seven thirteen the Rams four and three and three and one six eight to one ball game last night. Choctaw no problems playing at Putnam city stadium against Putnam city. West Choctaw wins thirty five to seven yellow jackets now. Four and three and two and two probably the biggest most most exciting ballgames tonight. Number one Stillwater at Cameron stadium against Latin. A lot of things happen this ball game. At one point cardis from Kevin Greene of the Latin constitution, the Stillwater coaches got. So, you know, I guess you'd say excited, but that in quotation marks I guess that they actually broke a window out of the press box at Cameron stadium. Yeah. A broken window. I saw the photo. And I don't know what. How it right? But they didn't cut their exactly that was a big old jagged piece. Yeah. Yeah. Well that was just early in the ball game. That's just kinda the precursor. Randy to what happens because still waters going to hang on. But they do it as a penalty a defensive penalty on Latin is still water trailed as time expired to law and Stillwater will score a game winning touchdown on an untimely down after a defensive penalty. Governor Gandhi to Anthony bland for the touchdown in a pioneers will hang on twenty three to twenty number one Stillwater still undefeated at seven and four now in district one play, and they can probably have to pay somebody off to pay a Bill for a a window, but they come come out of their cameras stadium with a win twenty three to twenty the final score in that ballgame Latin proves to be a tough test for still water number five midwest city all over deer creek at home thirty five to nine bombers five and two and three and one cross town number three del city playing at Putnam city. And the eagles win big forty six to seven del city. Now six and one four no in district. One play on the district to were number four Booker T Washington beats the pulpit tonight twenty two three so pulpit played pretty well. But Booker T wins this one by seventeen Booker T now four and three three and one. In district to play number two Bixby no problems with bartlesville sixty five to six Bixby there. Now, six and one and five in district. Play Muskogee beats shawnee thirty five to twenty six Muskogee now five and two and three and one in district play and then one final ballgame from six eight two Peter sands springs at Poca city and Jordan Woodruff is at that ballgame and he files this report. Would you have here in caucus is the walk at hosted the sand springs, San di-? Stance. Brings would score. I in the first quarter Keila Kennington run an option run twenty yards into house. Make it seven nothing then into the second quarter pocket city would drive and threatened. But would fumble on fourth down and saints sprees territory springs after that will go seventy yards is Kenny third-down rolled out to the right side. Extended the play Jacob snodgrass in the right corner of the end zone to make it fourteen to nothing then after that it was a turnover on down the great deep into play that year at Healy is he come up on fourth and one can make a tackle for laws, and then it was seen springs going for the jugular. The next play. He'll Kennington would hit just enrolling a forty yard touchdown pass. I was a slot on a go route twenty one nothing honcker after that though wouldn't make it. Interesting springs. Get the ball one last time there in the half Justin Andrews who had to play quarterback tonight. Got an interception there in the secondary with about one minute and fifty one seconds to go. Banga after that six plays later. It was Andrews who had to play quarterback is counter welts the quarterback started the year out for the season after injury last week against big screen. So it was just Andrew's family endzone, get parkas. Some momentum. Thirteen yard touchdown run around the left side to make it twenty one to seven springs had led going into the half three other district games. But they had lost all three of those district. Gained some pocket had a little hope, but seems sprains would quickly forth that they got the ball to begin the second half trae Wilkerson. We'll take the ball thirty two yard touchdown run. And he made about seven gangs miss on the play on clay dried that would make it twenty eight to seven then Ponca the last chance. Well, it pretty much for them on a part. They didn't have low snaps all night, a low snap. The Connor would go down. He would take a knee. He didn't want to take the knee the snap was low, and he had to still it. Grab holding down. Screens would have it on the one yard line. Pennington would score his fourth touchdown tonight to on the ground to in the air with a quarterback sneak making it thirty five to seven pocket would score one last time on a fifty eight your right? Just Andrews got him for the second time. Donald two yard touchdown run. The final thirty five fourteen here at Solan stadium and caucus city. Both teams go to the Thursday round two games next week as seen screens Windsor. I district game caucus still looking for their first win in the Scott Harmon Eric for Pinson once again two passing touchdowns two rushing touchdowns for the senior stand springs quarterback forty pocket city. Jordan withdraw Jordan final score again, thirty five fourteen cents brings over Ponca city coming up we'll have a big class five a match up between two ranked teams in district two. And is there an upset ruin class foray and lots of.

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