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To the Harlem Globetrotters. I'll have more to give away as the week progresses. But thanks to all of you who Entered in. Keep the number handy. You will need it later in the week. Now, let's go to the Play Mavericks sports APP line to get your thoughts on today's topics in the last, uh seven minutes or so that we have Most of you want to talk about the Broncos, So let me get to the Non Broncos text first, and then we'll get to the Broncos tax. Ryan says, If we have to over pay for Landy, a group our at this point I take grew and let Landy walk. Have been that way since day one. I don't want to lose any of them. Right, because the ABS need to stay together and then get better. Right, keep everyone together and then add to it. So I would make that same choice if if Joe Sakic is presented with Goalie. Getting ready to walk or a winger and I know he's the captain. I don't want to try to minimize what Gabriel Landeskog has meant to this organization. Grubauer to me. Apples to apples. Is more important to the success of the Colorado Avalanche this upcoming year, then Gabriel and Scott Not by a lot. But he is And part of it is because there's just not that many options out there. Chris Draeger was taken by The cracking. Um, I carry price isn't going to go anywhere now that Seattle didn't take him. They're just not that many options out there. And the ABS can ill afford to be trying to do some patchwork stuff in goal. It's not going to work for him. So I agree with you completely. Ryan if you're faced with those two By all means. Try to sign them both. But if you can't Gotta go Grubauer. All right. Couple attacks on USA Basketball from the 79 Hey Kaufman, as the French would say NBA guys don't care about the Olympics. They would have to conduct themselves with the minimal amount of class. I'm not gonna Pile on in that way. Um, not saying your wrong. I'm just saying that's not attack that I'm I'm taking today. But it's like the point that JP brought up or what I brought up when I was talking to J P If they feel it's an obligation. The Olympics should not be an obligation that's an insane thing. To say that it's almost oxymoronic. It's not supposed to be an obligation. You're not supposed to do it because you're afraid that people on Twitter are going to smack talk you If that's the position that these NBA players are in, then USA Basketball should do them a favor and say, You know what? We're going to go the international model. We're going to get a group of guys together, whether it's you know, 6789 guys. And they're going to do all of these tournaments. Going to play together. They're going to get a reporter. They're going to be able to be cohesive. And then will solicit a couple of spots for NBA players. And go that route. I mean, that's that's worse. That's so much worse. Then. USA losing Like I know that we are Star spangled awesome in this country of ours. I love this country. I love American exceptionalism and and I want to lay waste to every other country at the Olympics. But If you told.

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