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The qualities in issue, right quality becomes an issue and quality of the experience becomes an issue for everybody as well. So we're we expect to see a lot more about that and we expect to see a lot more about the digital divide. Yes. Right. I mean if we're asking people to engage in these online learning experiences, they have to have the equipment to do so exactly so that's an interesting point as well as the digital divide. We're not only is it the general equipment but also our is everything that we're providing ada-compliant. All right is everything that we're providing actually useful to our audience. So it's a big question. We're going to see a lot more about on-line teaching. We're going to see more about remote learning as we have an Choi. We're hopeful that we'll see more a hardware software some of our more. I don't know how to put it exactly regular trends that we normally see. Yeah Hardware software has been a trend we've had for years so coming is coming gone, but it's coming up but we've also right we see regularly we start teaching online very regularly well wage, Yeah, so that's that's really what we expect to see in the next in the upcoming weeks Jim. Well that brings us to the conclusion of episode 162 of our podcast. We like to think of followers and viewers of our Flipboard magazine and our podcast subscribers. You can listen to past episodes of our podcast and find the links to the recommended readings that we mentioned in this episode by visiting our website at Trends and issues, Our next episode will air on June 10th. This podcast is produced by Professor Abby Brown at East Carolina University and Professor Green at California State University Fullerton copyright, Abby Brown and Tim Green..

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