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Julia duffy from newhart rules cheryl good. She was an heiress or something. You didn't understand kravitz Versus lisa bonet show ended different worlds. Yeah who you take. Also the student of purchase college right maria. I am picking lisa banana. She is very hot nude photos of her and she looks very good. Wow so yeah no question. Lisa bonet. I love new is a show very funny but this as got it. Yes same julia duffy. You're just you're out of your depth. It was just bad luck into giral. You should have been up against fucking juicy aware. Some shit. Trust the half. What but same all right. So that is unanimous with the audience. Chrome site all right week. One is down aside from sean duty not answering. So the shelley long question remains thoughts all right. Wow okay so good job. Everybody's up next the next round the next round nurse bracket i am going to be in florida for the next show. We're gonna do over skype. Which is going to present its own. Its own difficulties. That should be fun near your that out. We never know might be cancelled. That is definitely very true. Miss connection let's do some. Yeah we ate up. As i expected that eight up and our we have got some connections from producer. Hannah who is real. The pride of michigan hannah. She's looking for a belly. Button girl at subway and heartland. Hello you were the walden woods subway in my mind. This is from the buchwald in something. This is donna that a benefit concert. Now you're the walden woods subway in the mid summer wearing a cropped beatles tank top insist. Thoreau awesome me. Henry david thoreau. I just woke up from a dream. And i was under a pile of leaves. I was wearing a shirt that said. Don't be a salty birch. That's so nice. Love to chat about your arabs. Grizzly peak in. Ann arbor michigan grizzly peak. And after a few drinks. I lead you out to my car. I kissed and fingered you in the parking lot and i invited. You invited me to your house until lido a few days later in ohio. I'd drive six hours to fucking drug mules. This was done with you that day. You dressed after being freshly fucked every way possible and went to the gym. I want more. are you willing. What does this core iverson every every way possible. Plus who jimothy having a really healthy hard fuck session. You're an athlete who marathon runner ladies and gentlemen late breaking. Oh okay pulled on late-breaking rebecca golden or whatever for rebecca gould. Excuse me the showers missy. Gold or whatever now fucking shelley long as in Rebecca whoever the falker name out is it golden golden right hit. The showers hit the showers. Babe the shower stays safe shelley. Long is she has made it all right. Okay all right this is. It goes out to brian and heartland. It's zach vote. Maybe it'd be great. God i miss you. I should have never mess things up. I'm laying around wandering wandering if you still keep the tiny unfinished. I crocheted on your wall. Fuck i'm so sorry. I know i messed up start. Major dauntingly isn't fair for me to try and find you because i'm in a better place. It sounds like most people who are posting craigslist disconnections or in a better bus. Can't manage to forget about you to be a bit more specific. We went out to sea sparkle one night. It must be a bad band. Sounds great felt ripped off because the shingle tron was made for the smaller venue. Making up words. Yeah this is just like you know. Like relationship memes. You thought he's probably trying to be like rekindle the heartache back. I just. When i was over. Brian i opened up craigslist. And i'm right back. This is about your brother. that'd be interesting. Listen mish boggle ban. God really want this makes me want to have a relationship with a man what he went to see this walk. Yes strangled moments of truth. Let's give us a plus two. Here's the top comment is a winking smiley. Face sparkle roles beats now. People are like but in the hands in the air. Like i bet they start the show at this s six million views. Holy second burning person shitting assists from the really bad news. This i i first comment when you die you awake alien holding a bone surrounded by other aliens who ask you how your trip will allow very profound tear god. This is bad. Some socks film with a strong marriage. The dance near naked face painted under the stars by an archaic fire. I maybe sending out the population isn't such a bad okay with it. It's fine. I feel some of the song on tripping on ibuprofen. Jesus christ is insanely fascinating. How the brain works carry. Though i did how the brain works under psychedelics. You'll never understand it unless you experience it yourself but when you do you can immediately recognize the patterns. People tripping exhibit. So much art it can be a fucking noxious idiot industry wild immediately connect with other trips. I don't think that's how it works. It's been twenty years turns mckenna passed away trip in peace trip and solely cit all right. That's enough oh my god sh- bongani bangala near a butterfly tattoo in ann arbor dollar tree. Monday november thirty. Th you tall gorgeous skinny awesome dread brain rich and a butterfly tattoo. And your neck you. Your name was producer. Hannah that makes sense. Oh my god me heard you hate jews. Well here's your anti summer. Me one party behind you in line when party cop one party behind notice you as soon as i walked in also dreads past my ass not sin not sure you could tell us i was wearing a hoodie. And a mask. Close the dracula. Mass still works. I said hey trip out on these recordings my grandpa and i played you hitler recording. I just this. This recording of governor cuomo is amazing. Pretty sure you'll never see this. But i'm glad i got to see you. Wow i wanted to talk. Unfortunately for everyone we're times you're not allowed to talk. I like how he's using covert.

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