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Power, shutting down that water. We feel we can close these places down. And New York City, setting up random quarantine checkpoints, stopping cars at key entry site and those key entry sites include bridges, tunnels and even Penn Station. Well in South Dakota. Social distancing is also a problem. Apparently, this is expected to be the largest gathering. Since the start of the Cove in 19 pandemic, the Sturgis Motorcycle rally. Kicks off today. It's possible hundreds of thousands of people will begin showing up in Sturgis, South Dakota today for the start of the annual motorcycle rally. Christina Steal is with the city of Sturgis and says it's an important event for the city. Whether they want it or not, People are going to show up. Basically, the word love were coming anyway. We don't care if you say the rally is on or not on. She says. The city has cancelled all city sponsored events and has prepared extra sanitation procedures. Are also encouraging people to be responsible and socially distance. Mark Malard, ABC NEWS USS Constitution, set to reopen today in Charlestown Navy Yard after being off limits for months, thanks to the health crisis. Meantime, the Mayflower to, of course, the replica of the vessel that brought the Pilgrim's to America. Cancels a scheduled stop in Rhode Island because of new travel restrictions in that state. It is now on its way back to Plymouth from a Connecticut shipyard after undergoing a multi year and multi $1,000,000 renovation back in Plymouth. Expected arrival is Monday. It's 9 19 cloudy skies for the most part every once in a while, we'll catch a glimpse of the sun, but that's about it 74 degrees here in Boston President Trump takes aim at presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden, this time targeting the former vice president's faith in God. ABC news correspondent Kenneth Mode, Trump is attacking Biden's faith, claiming the former vice president is against God. Biden's campaign responding, saying Joe Biden's faith is at the core of who he is. Then it is lost very close relatives to Children and his wife. He's talked often about how his Catholic faith a cz helped him s O. I think that Zen example from President Trump of pushing the envelope and going beyond it and going to a a level of politics that we've really never seen at the presidential Meantime, Biden will go to the issue of mail in voting for the upcoming election. We saw covert is Dondo elections during the primaries, and we know they're voter suppression problems that have nothing to do with covert. So we're gonna be prepared to make sure people have an opportunity to be protected when they show up in person to vote, and we're gonna have to work with election officials in key cities and battleground states to increase the number of early voting locations. President Trump is calling for the first presidential debate to be moved up. Because of early mail in voting three days after roaring up the East Coast cleanup continues in the aftermath of tropical storm in the Northeast neighborhoods. They're still a mess and patience is running thin. In Calvert County, Maryland, families cut off after their road washed away using a basket to send medical supplies to someone who's diabetic. New York's national guard, helping direct traffic crews from us far away as Canada in Florida and now joining the war to restore power. Many wondering how the biggest blackout since Hurricane Sandy could have Open with a tropical storm like science. Still, thousands of customers in Massachusetts remain without electricity. As of this morning property already realized this, but this has become the year of the staycation. It's a safe bet that anyone who had a vacation scheduled in the last few months canceled it or had it canceled for them. With so many flights grounded, and that includes justices of the Supreme Court. They've cancelled trips to the Czech Republic, Ireland, the Rocky Mountains and the Pacific Northwest. Because of the pandemic. It turns out that may envy their colleague, Justice Clarence Thomas, who won't so 40 foot refitted tour bus and can use it anywhere. There's a place to plug it in. Pam Coulter, CBS News Joint W B C news, radio and TV Tuesday night, 87 As we simulcast the debate between Senator Ed Markey and his challenger, representative Joe Kennedy, the stakes are high as the primary nears..

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