President Trump, Donald Mcgann, NPR discussed on Morning Edition


Next Live from NPR news in Washington I'm korva? Coleman President Trump says that White House counsel Donald Mcgann will be leaving this fall Mcgann men was special counsel Robert Muller's, team, and reportedly answered, questions for hours Harvard professor emeritus Alan Dershowitz told NPR's morning edition that he. Believes that. The main factor in mcgann's departure but he also says Mcgann is not. Trump's personal lawyer. Many presidency the White House counsel as, their, lawyer but he's not their lawyer he's the lawyer for the presidency fees are subtle distinctions that, are awfully hard to make when you are kind of politician who's thinking about the big picture in the political picture President Trump is tweeting today that his decision on Mcgann had nothing. To do with the Muller. Probe or, what Trump calls, quote, the rig Russia which. Hunt President. Trump heads to Indiana later today for. A rally with supporters He's continuing a heavy roster of campaign events. Ahead of the. Midterm elections as NPR Serra mccamman reports. Trump is visiting a state with a closely. Watched Senate race Indiana, is mostly red state the home of vice President. Mike Pence and, a place that solidly supported Trump in two thousand sixteen that makes democratic Senator Joe Donnelly, potentially vulnerable as he runs for reelection in November Donnelly, is up, against Republican challenger Mike Braun a businessman, and former state Representative Braun. Has aligned himself closely with President Trump on issues including his trade policies which have been controversial in states like Indiana Donnelly, is among a handful of red state Democrats up for? Reelection who are facing pressure from supporters of Trump's supreme court nominee Brad Kavanagh Sarah mccamman NPR news Evansville Indiana Detroit is, celebrating, the life of, the Queen of soul in Royal style this week before her funeral on Friday NPR's Debbie. Elliott reports Aretha Franklin will lie in honor today at, the church founded by her late father over the last two days thousands of fans have paid their final respects to Franklin filing past her gold plated casket and the rotunda of the Charles. Right,.

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