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Of the cia's biggest secret wears braces barry see the movie that is currently one hundred percent fresh with rotten tomatoes top critics about that tom cruise delivers one of his careerbest it gets craze americanmade radar under seventeen nutty without pera in theaters friday radio from hell on x x no all the way for russia where he hit is though inexplicably a citizen none other than steven seagal i think it's outrageous iceland kits eight joke it's disgusting and you know i respect the american flag and and i myself chris my life countless times for the american flag right he risked his life twice actually once in under siege in another tylenol undislosed full news exactly this is the focus of the as soon as you also defended russia's interference in the us election using the old everybody's doing it the pets every country is involved in espionage every single country the american spy the british spy the russians while we all spy on each other let's be honest however for anyone to thinks that was leading me of pool tune had anything to do with fixing the elections or evil that the russians have that kind of technology is is stupid now although i need to hear him say vladimir putin slovenia pool tool w what someone else will that is a vast i love.

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