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Home Depot for twenty nine dollars so we're, paying ten so okay it's not the same seat that you put on but how much difference can how many A solid gold linking who, thinks this way unless there's so much corruption that that's the norm and that's that's, the only conclusion you can come up with it's the culture it's what's expected that's. How they do business. And it's at your expense why. Do we put up with this stuff why isn't that a question that. Somebody asks President Trump, at, a, news conference or any of these other people that, are always in front of the camera Question is how do I think the question is no American with any common sense if you mentioned the story they're they're going to say that's ridiculous How do we change it though I think that's the real question point how do we change it what can we do, as normal they're, American citizens other saying now that that. Won't be the problem because they're going to use three d printers in that'll be much cheaper that semitic culture? It, isn't that the toilet gets fixed what about the next thing that comes along that they need light bulbs that are special for an older plane I I'm happy that. They're using the older planes because, there's, no real difference between the older Blaine in the newer planes except the skin that they wrap the planes in, it's the. Same fuselage the the the the pilots have different things. To work with because most of those planes have the equivalent of a seven forty seven, cockpit so they have all the. Gadgetry that's in it cetera Sunday bump dated all the planes where the gadgetry that makes it safe to? Fly. Him but they don't need? New planes and so if. There are things that are wearing out is this just a symptom is at toilet seats okay what else is wearing Victoria what we have to do, kind, of an answer to, that question Everyone that? We vote for we now have? To ask them and make them put that on their platform going to question these things and go against them because otherwise unless everyone everyone, in congress is, you know against this waste fraud and. Corruption than they're not gonna do anything about it and I guess we have to be the ones responsible for? People, in the up this has got where the governing body here this is democracy government other people it is related democracy through Republic but it's supposed to be one man. One vote was supposed to influence, whether, it's locally state wide nationally it's pretty amazing though what I'm finding this out in my own local situation here, where I'm. On the last page of trying to save the farm. That I love and the people who are making the noise of the same people who've, been responsible for lots of other. Malfeasance and why people listen to them is beyond me but they make a lot of noise they get? Attention. Of the some of the? News media that's local and. So the politicians are afraid of them Men listen Ed so to. What what's the end result in this circumstance it's we are somebody, work listen to think about it this way The normal federal tax Bill is. About ten grand I think right in somewhere in that vicinity so one person works all year long to pay toilet seat in the plane. How does that make you feel when you boil, it, down, that way that, you work all you.

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