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Not like GOP strategist is with us on the legacy Retirement group Talk on phone line. Matt, I'm trying to envision of actually running for governor. All right, all right. Our he He never changes mad. Well, you know, and I'm down here in the Fort Worth area. I'm very acutely aware of politics here, and poor Matthew McConaughey needs to stick to Hollywood. Let's just put it down. That's fantastic. He's not just a GOP strategist. He's also a very successful talk show host. Matt Lock is with us this morning s So let's dive right into Biden. I've found this interesting late last week when we found it about the cease fire. What was that? Friday morning Or maybe Thursday night? Excuse me. And and one of the first networks to just praise President Biden was ABC didn't even say anything about Egypt brokering the whole deal. They don't care about the truth. And you know that as well as I do. The mainstream media's there to carry Joe Biden's water, So I said it before, and I'll say it again. Provide those phone transcripts off how Joey Pudding Pops got Benjamin Netanyahu to stop fighting with Hamas, and then I'll believe it because I don't think they exist. You know, you saw Blinken go up to Alaska and try to negotiate with China and just got his lunch fed to him. You know if you think this bite administration brokered any kind of peace deal in the Middle East You better start taking something out. No, I completely agree. Matt like GOP strategist and talk show host with us this morning that you know, I'm curious, too, because you know, we we hear that, you know, So they say, you know, Biden put the pressure on Netanyahu. But then there are reports that said Netanyahu basically kind of laughed and said, no, that Yeah, I know. He didn't put any pressure on me. Well, he wasn't gonna follow what the bite administration says that just tells you what's going on in Washington, D C Today. Joe Biden is not respected around the globe. You've got Gz Ping and China. You've got Japan coming over South Korea now, with Kamala Harris, shaking her hand and then wiping it. I mean, we are terrible when it comes to the diplomacy department when it comes to the Democrat Party, now running. The United States of America. So you know, I don't think anybody being fooled now Israel has to play smart because they get money from America. They need missiles from America. They need to keep the Iron dome system up in that requires funding to billions of dollars that we send them annually to pee strategist Matt Lock is with us this morning matches that of curiosity and if you saw the Wall Street Journal report over the weekend, but Three Researchers from the Wuhan Institute of Urology became sick enough in November of 2019 that they sought hospital care. My question is, we've been hearing more and more noise about this. The U. S. Needs to clearly put more pressure and not just take yes or no answers from China. Never gonna happen. That never gonna happen. I'm covering it. My show today Amazing that Donald Trump was correct in everything that he said But Twitter, you know, censored him censored the truth about the woman lab censored the truth about what's going off the coronavirus. You know, I've said this from day one. This is a manufactured disease that we helped fund his Americans that I would not be surprised. You know, this is kind of conspiracy theory. I wouldn't be surprised if the Democrats weren't in on it to get you know, Voting by mail to remove a president. They did not like. Wow. Well, And when you start to hear that there was funding from what the n I h a portion of it to this institute in this lab. Yeah, and it makes you start to connect more the dots and it does make you wonder. Well, you know in that's the saying it's not a conspiracy theory when all the dots start lining up with facts behind it. When you start seeing stories about you know these lab people getting sick before the coronavirus came out. It was in Wuhan. We hear that China's under reporting their numbers. We're hearing all over the country about what's happening with this covert 19. And as places like Texas, where I'm at in Florida and South Dakota, and some of these other states started opening up all of the cove. It started declining because You know, we hit that herd immunity. You know, thresholds have been lied to by our government telling us that Cove. It is something more than it is. The CDC came out and said, Look, guys, gals, all of you out there. If you had underlying conditions, it was more detrimental. But in actuality about 67% of people died with the cove it you are from the cove it not with so we've been. We've been told the story pretty much this whole time about what's been going on with Kobe. GOP strategist to talk show host Matt Lock is with us. He's based out of the Fort Worth Texas area. What will that mean? We've been hearing these tremendous success stories when you When you hear states that have been most successful for recovering from Cove, it We think of Florida obviously, with Santas and Governor Rabbit with Texas do you know? Does Abbott have any intentions of running for bigger office that you've heard? I believe so. Yeah, and he's got some. He got some tough competition down here. Primary in him. I know my good friend Chad. Crazy recording for government down here for governor of the State of Texas. I I know that we saw like, Don ho finds just jumped into the rates. So Abbott's gonna have a tough hill to climb. You know, people down here in Texas were fiercely conservative and fiercely patriotic, and we believe that we should have been locked down or had any mandates and, of course, You know, Governor Abbott did some victory laps down here telling us how great it was that he really in the state that he closed, So there's some people upset down here about his leadership, so to be interesting, but I believe he's gonna look into a higher office. I believe he's got 2024 in mind. I think all politicians are always looking to climb that political ladder. Yet. I agreed with that. I forget the number. The 250,000 residents moved from places like New York to Florida last year. I know Texas was, I believe right behind that. As a Texas resident. Matt, Do you worry about these? Those from California who are moving away from the just terrible policies that are from Newsome and on on the way left side in California. And having that takeover a state like Texas. Woman answer this away. You wouldn't believe. But my wife and I have met several couples from California who have left that state who are actually conservative. And we're tired of the draconian lockdowns and the way that California handled things, So I think we're getting an influx. If I had just off the top my head I'd say we're probably 50 50. Or, you know conservatism to liberalism coming from California. A lot of people are leaving California because they are conservatives or away from it. Ah, lot of liberals are leaving California because they think it would be better here, So I think we're gonna be okay. I mean, people make this a big deal, but I think it's manageable In the short term. You know what, Matt? That's something I never thought about it and actually makes me feel a lot better because I have mad respect. The values that are in Texas by so many so mat lock. Thanks so much for your time and your insight this morning. Appreciate it. Thank you, sir. All right, Take it easy. It is 8 44 seconds away A couple of minutes away. I should say from Matt McCoy sports Just keep you up to date. That investigation continues with the late night Saturday shooting at Bicentennial Park. We're all.

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