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I in baseball you, did you know that L. I did. Okay. His point four sixty one on base percentage. Trails only Mike Tronto. See my trout less today's ago yesterday. Trump a ball in the outfield made first Aaron something like six hundred a little weird for guiding all that money. But who consistently gets pitched around his twenty home runs trail, just Christian yelich, perhaps, the only man who can give him competition for VP. You take all that. And what does numbers mean is that he's killing everybody? He's absolutely tearing it up his batting averages come down, because it was going to you're not gonna hit four hundred anymore. It started to come down a little bit, but the power is staying there. He met another outfield assists last big deal about it. Okay. So okay, so he's at four hundred three eighty five who cares three eighty five four hundred four or five hundred. Four hundred is a threat. Seventy year four thousand nine fifty. It's the same thing. Key? No one had caught a thousand yards passes in seventy five years, and you were within a couple of yards of it. It wouldn't be the same ninety eight and one a one and that situation are not the same because that's the threshold that we haven't seen in nearly an entire century. That's what makes it a little bit tag is he, he is your, your leader for every he had another outfield assists last night. He's absolutely unbelievable. And he still might be the guy doing the second most impressive things on the team review hasn't even three hits again last night, seventy three hits. No walks. No runs. Phil guy is just he's in a space of his own right now. He's just he's just out there is like I'm gonna take control. It is in no matter what I'm gonna have a record-breaking historical career are year right now. I'm a win aside young. I'm on a World Series. I'm gonna do it all I do like the shut up lebatardshow drop. Request Wednesday and Mitchell McKinnon on Twitter wanted to hear this. Yes, is a living color. Remember culture personnel, Mick Jagger, I believe discovered them. Oh, I thought you said in living color. No, no. This is the ban. You remember them. They had the I remember this song nothing. You remember you don't remember the follow up? I don't I remember this song? Okay. Well, we don't have the follow up right now. But if we did know it's not coming up. And if we had it run before be a glamour boy. Glamour boys. You chloro- more speaking, breezy. Proper English, but the best song is love, what was the that song, Raj? Love rears, its ugly ugly. Head is a may Zing. It's amazing song. And we have none of the following. The glamour boys. This one. Yeah. Yeah. This is definitely a good follow shots face. He's watching the music video right? Black dudes. Said that we have to every time we can't venture out and do some other stuff, Keyshawn see people like you keep was bottled in the face is about Calabasas now minute you say people like us, keep you still you the same do say we can't come into your gates when you blowing up your mind visit years. Milli vanilli. I. Yeah. That group. I don't think I ever Smith. I don't think I ever ran stairs with that, in my CD changer. Size of those drumsticks. Those, those were long. We're late eighties. Eighty eight about this higher. They're wearing KENDALL masks. This is very confusing. Here's the eighties. It was the eighty stuff was happening, Freddie. Kitchens. The new head coach of the Cleveland Browns was trying to walk back. Some of the some of the comments he made about OPEC junior, not being a camp and it didn't come off. Great. Here's Freddie kittens..

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