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You know like if you if you can't win vic fangio sooner or later is going to be fired. But i think he's a good coach so they i can't imagine would you as a forty niners fan. Like what do you want for compensation for jimmy garoppolo. Obviously you want. I you want whatever the most you can get but would you be happy with getting back. A second rounder for him. I'd be thrilled. Look the forty niners have no first round pick in the next two years so if they can get a pick as high as two jimmy garoppolo. I would absolutely do it for sure i. I don't know if they'll get that it'll be interesting. I think the only way they get that is if they pay some of his salary because don't forget he's making twenty four million dollars and that's teams are going to say. Look we're gonna. We're what we're giving you as we're taking this salary off your book. So that's why we're not gonna give you a high draft pick so even if the forty niners said look. We'll pay half. I'd be fine with that. They've got the cap space. They've got the space to fit in his entire salary. So even if you pay half you're still saving you know about twelve million dollars sam. Bradford sam bradford in preseason was traded to the vikings in the vikings give up a first round pick and a third round pick for. Sam bradford who. I'm sorry jimmy. Garoppolo is shown a lot more in his career than sam bradford ever did. And they did so They pay half of his salary. So the vikings didn't have to come up with his whole salary. So that could be the same type of situation. But i feel like if team can get a first and a third for sam bradford like. Maybe we're selling jimmy garoppolo here short for a second and also like think muhammed sohn new got traded for a second just two years ago troops are willing to give away these pigs in the preseason when they start to like freak out that oh goodness like we have this great roster but we're missing a piece so you know and we. We could still have some injuries here. You might be able to get a first of them. Member who got hurt. Open the door for that. Sam bradford trade teddy bridgewater. That is it. Knee had dislocated and people were thrown up on the field when they saw it Look please if they can get a. I i would run to the league office to make that trade official because that would just be incredible But i do think there's a part of kyle shanahan that feels warm and fuzzy about having to good quarterback on his roster like he so worried about injuries like that. If one of them goes down he leaves feels like he has the other. So we'll say there's there's a lot to be decided. I think the the forty niners world will be a lot different one way or the other they play the chiefs because if lance lights it up that the pressure to play him and you know the possibility of moving jimmy opens up if lance struggles on the field. Then all the hype for him probably dies down and jimmy can secure that spot so like things are going to be a lot different on august fifteenth. once that game gets played. it's crazy. We'll have another episode before they even play. Why so far away. I don't know. I hate like just being like well fast. Forward my life but like kind of want it. It's a weird weird situation that's going to do it for this edition of stats and mags. If you like what you hear please. Subscribe to the niners nation podcast network. Oh before we go. Congratulations michelle wedding anniversary. Was this week three years. That is outstanding. Did you do anything special. I thank you and so we did. We got a tattoo with Together the same on. It's kinda corny so don't make fun of but we got purpose. We wrote purpose for each other. So i have like. She has my handwriting on her ankle. And then i have her handwriting a mind but so kind of a corny little thing but then we did also just go and watch the hall of fame game last night at a restaurant so we were degenerates. You know we. We'll watch football no matter what. That's a lot of pressure when you're writing that out because you know like did you go through more than one draft or did you just take a piece of paper write the word purpose and say that's it now. He wrote at a time and then we had the other person. Just pick their favorite one from Okay that makes sense all right well. Congratulations three years. Did you do the are. You didn't do the traditional. i think. Leather is the traditional year. Three wedding gift yeah. No we didn't do that. Kate was like we'll skin. Technically leather. what are you talking about. You like really stretched out. She's the one that wanted the tattoo. You really bad She she really tries to stretch out. I didn't. I don't care about those type of things. Well congrats to you. That is awesome. I'm going on year. This'll be years thirteen for main september next month. Oh my god getting old anyway. Enjoy your week. Everybody forgetting closer to the season. Stick with niners nation. By the way. If you want to know everything that's going on in practice kyle. Posey did a training camp report.

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