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Crosses across the the field it's it's each thing that I do I try to do it in such a way that it does make me happy and it does stay on the field me when I'm singing the fact that and then I felt this even pre TV when I was in musical reviews are in cover bands are doing a theme park show I love how music can move people think about the things that you like music and movie whether it's a comedy song whether it's a touching ballad to be able to move people with that that's awesome and that fills me in a way that nothing can but then when when I flip it and I'm on stage and I'm doing in bed to doing an improv please and I'm doing an improv show and I know the buttons I can push to make people laugh and make them happy for that night knowing that that maybe they didn't have the best day yeah that's amazing exactly then when I turn around I'm on stage doing a play doing Broadway or or doing a show like Hamilton that's amazing because I know that I've made so the folks happy so we keep coming back at the end of the day too I get to do something that makes them happy so it's a loop so I get so much joy in knowing that I can do this thing that that bring them joy industry so happy man together with Wayne Brady wins with us until one o'clock this afternoon no I wish you were the number got to get on the plane I know I know that's all right Liz I just want to remind everybody in for just a moment whose line is it anyway a remarkable show I rip I remember the one with the Richard Simmons it's it's seared in my brain of what you did are you a part of his eponymous Wayne Brady show which by the way I believe are not one but two Emmys a recognition for your for the Wayne Brady show our let's make a deal taking a show created by Monty hall making it your absolute own and what you do with this show is a pure entertainment piece I for me the prices and all that yeah that's wonderful but when you do your thing when it is a great show and I just want to thank you for taking so much time with us today and we're going to occur no appreciate you know I so appreciate you and and you know when I've talked about loving the my love of Hawaii and and and and my folks there and being able to to share it's not lip service it's really some someplace that episode I think that I was going to be releasing music and I wanted to play some the some place to live I immediately said look I've got to play the blue milk because I want to go correct played my comedy show there there in Hawaii a bunch of played the alliance they give the whole life either the blaze Bayley but but it but in order to bring music which my love of Hawaiian music and and and some of the artists there that I love that's such a big deal to me that this is probably one of the first places I'm I'm thinking off the top of my head I haven't done a bunch of other music shows yet I've got dates in Atlantic city New York Atlanta in Chicago com the coming up but I wanted to go there first because like you and and sold so many of the people I just really adore my in my relationship they're even talking to you just make me so happy so so just know that it's my treat so thank you thank you so much when Tosh this has been an absolute blessing can't wait for this weekend and I wish you the warmest aloha and we eagerly waiting to see if my man well I gotta tell you gotta come come on out and and I hope that you will be be my guest and and and see her listeners we have an amazing show it's our music off of you can go to iTunes or YouTube and listen to songs from my record that I was nominated for a Grammy for like eleven years ago called a long time coming and it's a with a lot of old songs but then I've got some new material that'll be on my record which will be released this summer and I'll be singing songs from from the mask singer like ten Tennessee whiskey be singing try your travel tennis which was my final the performance piece and giving the stories behind some of the songs and anecdotes about let's make a deal which is still on on the CW and new form we have a new season starting starting this summer we have ten ten episodes so check it check it out so it'll be the evening with me so I'll get.

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