Justin Turner, Atlanta, Money Laundering discussed on Herman Cain


At am 750 wsb wsb sports it's 453 here's jay black a border adjustment trashtalk is already underway for georgia florida with the gators firing the first shot safety johnson gardner on uga quarterback rob tho uncivil pauses i get it in reckoned thelisma i'll give a better response from new j j r reid binion as ford so two weeks there's some teams were expected were it doesn't bother me though most that alter a fourteen point favorite uga also practicing yesterday with what football's was there is a slight chance of rain on saturday artale gauge you'll begins at eleven thirty kick off as a 330 all wsb asthma georgia tech paul johnson has nothing but praise for seventh right clumps of the competitions going to ratchet up each week and certainly this week uh plan of defending national champion the team is loaded with a really good athletes jackets are a forty point hundred all the clemson saturday at eight o'clock nfl the falcons on former first round pick sean weatherspoon they bring him back to help out at linebacker because rookie duke riley need surgery on his knee atlanta goes to the jets on sunday and the daughter take game one of the world series over the astros 31 justin turner with a tiebreaking two run home run a sixthinning clayton kershaw three hits over seven innings to get the win game to is tonight in la and i'm jay black on the home of the dogs wsb full customers at a bucket nail salon or robbed at gunpoint scare him business owners in the same shopping center is the lush now salon spas say they're worried two gunmen bursting friday night at eight o'clock telling workers and customers getting their nails done to get on the floor and hand over their cashing credit cards billions iran next door he tells channel 2 you never think they would go into national law at that's where people would be caught off guard relaxing while getting manicures in pedicures some people with their eyes closed others chatting on cell phones robber will then ski wsb eight georgiades are sentence and a five point six billion dollar irs money laundering scheme among those heading to federal prison residents of atlanta life thrown yet smyrna federal prosecutor said the.

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