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Course in harleys ville and morgan hill in east in baghdad gulf dog live did you pick up my evolve i shall bid you pick up the challenge bong had now here's your hose told heliodoro and we are back vac that beautiful greek country club in mountain moral new jersey you're hearing is on a saturday we recorded the show rate in the little all the action for the ninety six philadelphia section pga championship it's about being in the middle of all of the action imagine the job of the host head professional john dimarco who not only had to host the event make sure that everything went perfectly at his home club but had the compete in it to i don't even know how you either i have never heard of it was unexpected well and and you actually you know what we're in the heat of things uh actually in a playoff for one of the spots going to the club professional championship uh i'm sorry did not get the alternate spot but that's like the 5 alternates on another it would ever get them of that any way but the fact that you just work very competitive with all this i never said i usually i see the host head professional in meltdown by second day of this so you know my habits off thank you tell me what it's like being the head professional club and having an event like the full if you're section pga championship the biggest event for club professionals in the entire greater philadelphia area coming through your club it's been fantastic i mean the golf course held up i think only two people broke par so that's it tested at to how good this golf courses i wanna do a shout out to my superintendent john slade and his staff what a great job they did this i heard everybody thought about the conditions were perfect were perfect the fact that two people broke par at the correct view is a testimony to the how difficult it was not necessarily isn't always now how good it is my point two us opens for that where the usga can tell you they can really screw up sometimes by trying them friday artificially make of golf course.

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