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Being with us and this is a unprecedented times for all of us as we know this but the government seems to take this route often if we are going to mess things up which is what we do because we're the government we're gonna go ahead and I promise you at least money on the back it I know that died they did Bernie Sanders is promising limitless actually hear from Bernie Sanders as well Bernie Bernie Sanders is talking about taking over everything but don't worry though if I if we if we force people to force companies to make P. P.'s then they'll become said or about what we have to do is protect our health care system right now we need to use the defense production act we are to tell the private sector will do well compensated all day must produce the masks the gals the gloves the back plate is that the health care system requires so nice being a socialist beautiful the cartoon socialist and and represent a Republic is not funny because he's like well we have to do is tell the private sector well we have to do is tell the private sector and they will be well compensated that they need to stop in and take masks are you joking this is what the government is what the government does that's their easy way out of it where corporations now I'm sorry about bigger corporations they are digging the easy way out too because instead of look we really need to spend days days figuring out how to keep every single one of our people somebody whispered in their ear for employees are going to be qualified for so they go oh wait we can furlough have ours that that means you don't pay them and send them home in the government is going to school being done today and give them their state's unemployment plus the six hundred dollars on top of that so they're going to be doing great so so in other words the government is making things worse as they have been from the very get go of this entire thing so let's look at all the layers of that so at first it was governments in cities and counties then states shutting down businesses restaurants bars started it then there was other things than the governor of the state of Arizona said everything that's not essential now our list in Arizona has quite an extensive list of essential businesses unlike some other states so we have a little more leeway to still go about someone of our business here in the state of Arizona but other states other areas the bay area for example shut down and re single thing you can only leave your house to go to grocery store it was sensual things or go to CVS or Walgreens or whatever that was it so they started that more people like okay well I work in these jobs where I need to go to work well you don't have a job right now you're just you're you're filled so they had to start fine for employment and then the federal government decides to jump as it you know what we will do we're in the catering moon stage gonna be feeling the pinch we will add another six hundred dollars to everybody's unemployment check like okay great that's when it comes Mike comes a place as well okay great well we weren't thinking about laying off employees were maybe not gonna do it but because you did this we will actually do it because we know that our employees gonna remake and in some cases in the state of Arizona eight hundred and forty Bucks a week that might be more than the regular salary right now that real to qualify for all of it but still it'll be like getting injured no pay cut at all for the employees so now the federal government sort of I guess might made it easier for companies not to feel bad about layoffs yeah you can actually have somebody that was a greeter or host or hostess at a restaurant now making forty th it will quote one of what forty three five a year that's it that's here in Arizona I mean there's going to be absolutely zero incentive for them to go back to work and I really zero incentive unfortunately is in a similar role in the program unfortunately the the state is outpacing the government shocker the federal government excuse me and because the US state governments are only about probably back I was given by sixty percent as as inept as the federal government so they're actually moving things through but it's at the two hundred forty dollars a week so that leaves everybody getting the checks go when he yelled where's my fed money where is this eight hundred and forty dollars that I thought I was going to get this is this isn't it fair in but by the way all of the people that lay them off and furloughed them with thinking yes Hey sorry we were told we were told by the government that they were going to go ahead and make that happen which again as you add into it and you see the layers of the government and aptitude and government creating this crisis in many ways look it's a serious crisis there are people seriously sick in there obviously a lot of people that have died of cold at nineteen so I'm not trying to downplay that portion of it but as the government is trying to step in and help protect us because we obviously can't do it ourselves they have cause economic damage of which they said they were going to help take care of every time they add a layer to with them supposedly taking care of it it only makes the problems worse in they're not equipped to handle it so the other example be the SBA loans small business administration it's gonna be about small businesses loans Mike and I are small business owners that's our thing so in order to get these loans you gotta go apply you gotta go say what it's for you know payroll whatever their system crashed because so many small businesses have been shut down or impacted by these government decisions then that's something we haven't seen before rob we we I mean we've seen I I remember back in the case of General Motors I mean we saw in the in we actually blew up problem of the freedom loving rob hunter himself just lost his mother I mean when the government took over GM and it still does so you don't even have to be the the protection I mean the production act they don't need that for General Motors because the government owns genera marginal owns General Motors three nations do Canada the United States and Mexico have a good chunk of General Motors okay so the date that was fine I'm talking about the rest of the businesses in the industries that every day that the government shut down intentionally not to hurt them but for this whole save us from the the corona virus act and they thought that they were going to save us with all of this money was going to throw you know your great grandkids money at you and everyone else should be fine but here's the problem the problem is that what we learned in a wait what business is learned in a wait what big companies learned in a weight is that they can do what they've always done with a lighter staff with the thinner payroll they learned that they can get by just fine with thirty percent twenty percent wherever it was less than a work force and that's where we had a saw unemployment for such a long time and then a point wasn't dropping because the the this is what great we we actually can do the same thing with with less people now we're gonna see after this Hey wait might be able to work from home I don't need five buildings I can get away with two and everyone else can work at home mmhm that's where things are going to start to change here and it's going to be interesting to see on the other side yeah and that's that's a huge potential shift in how we just do business you know as all in every recession that happens what if this is a government because recession not a governmental long one that's a different story that's the new deal written all over it and that's the great recession in the in the nineteen in a Great Depression in nineteen thirties want to get in the history lesson about but now all of these decisions are going to make the government and this is what the liberal politicians going to do much they're gonna blame their decisions the ones that day made we're talking about yes you may your cake guy go here in the city of Phoenix we're talking about you Lori Lightfoot in Chicago in London read in San Francisco because you shut all these businesses and they're going to remake themselves because of it because you force them to you're then going to try to use them the evil corporations laid off people but it was because of your decisions that started this and you will not accept any responsibility for because you like Alyssa Milano are going to punt on your own responsibility because there are two standards Alyssa Milano in case you missed it is not saying anything about the Joe Biden allegations until she gets more evidence to much more evidence but of course back in Britannica she didn't need any evidence there was any accusation from nineteen eighty two let's run with it that's what the liberal mayors in the liberal mindset apparently is in twenty twenty but they get they are going to keep it going because the masses believe it because we have a listing Congress about and ten to thirteen percent approval rating they have a ninety percent incumbent reelection rate is because it would they know the masses will believe them they think that the masses are excited about getting a thirty two hundred dollar check average for a family of four that's your money they're giving you your money back to you and they they they they think that they're giving this to you they're taking care of you do you notice that the dems use that quite a bit they use the term taking care we want to take care of them we wanna hold you we want to hold you in cradle you and take care of you with your money the mother way you're gonna pay that back into a future tax returns come on now when word we're gonna actually stymie you from getting your money back on future tax returns because we gave you some of your money a little bit early remember that a couple years ago the coronavirus we gave your money now and not give you your money back in a tax return it's blinding how around around that girls it's crazy but check this out Arizona so cool you are Arizona there was a program that was initiated a while back that was kind of controversial it might be the way this economy bounces back in one of the big pillars we stand on after the crown vice is coming up next right here on five fifty K. F. one you're nervous about selling your home right now we know there's a virus going on and you might not what strangers coming into your.

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Bernie Bernie Sanders discussed on The Conservative Circus

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