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Post to it in which case your body reacts to it. If you have a p P D something we do to diagnose exposure to tobacco Laos's you go. And you pop the form of this little four pronged oua Hickey, and when that thing swells up. Okay, means you've been exposed to the bacterium. And you know, it's a reaction something that you look for. So when it swells like that, it may not necessarily be a bad thing means that your body built and mounted a reaction to it. If he had the flu shot subsequent to that. And you didn't have a reaction. It's it looks pretty pretty much like there's something in an around the pneumonia that you may have been exposed to in the past what I get the shingles vaccine the answers. Absolutely. I think you ought to be going ahead with it. And seeing how it goes when you have an inoculation like this. It's very very normal to fear to feel a flu like symptoms. The reason for this is the body kicks out. Something called beta interferon. Okay. This is why we've get achey when we get the flu. Okay. It's not the flu that does it. It's the body's immune system to the. Flu. So it's not uncommon to feel that way. And it's not a bad thing. That means your body's immune system is actually working. I were running out of time. So we've come down to the fact that I need to give you directions. Again, you're going to the stages of life at one thousand nine hundred seventeen booth circle that is I for east four thirty four go E semi take a right at the bottom of the ramp and go to your first right and then turn onto booth circle. You go around the buildings and you'll see the entrance right there for the butterfly ATs. It very very good. Thank you. Dr Klein, thank you, callers, very much, and we thank Jay's for pushing all the right buttons and all the right time..

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