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Concern. The rest of the AFC regarding the pats as far as talent is you saw Tom Brady try to get Josh Gordon involve more earlier this past week. Now it looked to me like there were two times he went to him and it looked to me both times. Jeff. Gordon wasn't exactly where it was supposed to be that Brady expecting him to cut his route off a little bit shorter and he went longer. And then there was a pass in the end zone where Collins, seven, broadcast, I think it was right Brady expect him to sit down on the soft part of his own, and he just kept going across the field. If Josh Gordon over the next ten weeks can stay on the field and can get more in sync with Brady than that more of a talent equalizer than I anticipated the patriots being able to bring in midseason. All right. We gotta take a break coming up on the other side talks and Cowboys has Dak Prescott sobbed all douses problems on offense. That's next. Back here. First things first joined by old friend with new takes March slayer. You go does apply. You went with the two n n j. Yeah, that's. Hi. Margaret costs still talking about the Cowboys who managed to pull off the surprise of the weekend beating the Jags forty, two, seven. That was a surprise, their offense, rents movie. That was a surprise into top it all off. It was led by Dak Prescott who used his legs to his advantage. A queer eye eighty two yards on the ground and a rushing touchdown. Just opened everything. As I said, some of it was it was called runs and just read options, and the end gave us the Redick, keep it. And then a couple of them are just madman protection or man to man coverage and the protection, solid able to get out of the pocket and make them pay at that point a minute was they needed to get a spy makes him adjustments on their part and just opened up, opened up everything for offense. I think the first couple of games we wanted to see Zeke run the ball more and then they finally gave him more carries and we were excited than we wanted to see what dad could do if he was able to run the offense a little bit more his way he ran for eighty two yards and we were happy, but how sustainable is that? How much of a threat can the Cowboys often speak if they hand the ball to Dak and ask them to run? Well, I mean, again, I think I think the thing you have to understand about this, the integrity of balance. When you have balance, then you have a defense has to defend multiple things. And when you have that you could be successful. You take a lot of pressure off an offense of wines. I think that's a big. I think that's a big issue with them right now. How sustainable is it? Well, how willing is Dak Prescott to take care of himself? How Williams he disliked down and not take a hit because I think it's, I think, in my opinion is probably changed on this over time. I think it can be sustainable if you're had eleven carries if you know five or six of those designed runs. But when you're running read option stuff, you're just reading the defensive end and then you're getting around the edge without like there is you'll see everything in front of you are not getting blindsided. It's not like you're running quarterback counter between between the tackles. So I think it's, I think it's a sustainable thing for them. I think the biggest thing is it takes pressure off that offense of line when you're able to run play action game like that. And I always think about it this way. I always wanted to know every quarterbacks drop and how long that quarterback was going to hold the ball for on a particular on particular pass route. So I knew anything. It was a deep over. I knew that, you know, that's a seven step drop..

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