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Yes. E b. This is it's called betrayal and betrayed get ready. Didn't care for the killings. But I thought back to Jesus day. Where king Herod killed under one year old baby boys and how Jesus was half over. Jesus was betrayed by Judas Samson. Delilah. They were betrayed to the snowman betrayed a lot of people. And killing them silently one man figured it out. And who he was and the snowman tried to kill him. But he drowned when he stepped on the fit ice and fell in back to the memory of killing an innocent man that went to the cross Jesus. Star. I want it all on Maga hat at went out and harasser native American yesterday. That's mercy person watched that movie with this kids tuck them, but it's like, so listen what we can learn from that. Here's the thing that person might be the only person who understands this. That is as far as I'm concerned, potentially. Valid reason. It makes just as. Is that that adds up? I'm going to start saying what's it about? It's about Passover about Samson and Delilah. It's about the passion. New testament. What don't you get it might be? I'm on board for that as a boat. If maybe it's a Christian Ella gory. I don't know Ness, Boca, tell us. I don't know. Good come out. Yeah. We haven't read any of these letters. Yeah. Well, by the way. Oh, here's a thanks. They're so dumb. Yes. Well, I mean, yeah, it's this Mr. police you could really freeze to death that way while you were allying there. I was watching mummy by the time you read this. I will have her. I will have built her a picture. I believe that a snowman wrote that. This is a little bit of for just maybe people who saw the earlier show and this show, but very strange that both of these movies tonight, Harry and Meghan in this one have written versions of the word mummy in them that is and at the lead character's name Tampa. Yes. What does that say? That's by the way, that's the connection. That's how deep these shows role. That's right. Yes. Couple Harry is Harry. Oh. Vega bottle is snow man killer. Did you so hard when they revealed, I never left hard. They revealed his the medicine label just sit hairy hole, and I was just like on the fuck and floor. It worked it worked. Every single time. Every time you saw Harry hole. I mean here it is right here. It's very whole. I truly feel. But that's how it works in Norway. How about when when the police library is dead silent Harry holes phone rings, Rebecca Ferguson, everybody looks around like, I don't know Rebecca Ferguson answers it, and they're like Harry hole, and she's like, well, this is his phone and they're like, oh, well, they're no. But I take a message. Okay. Let me give you. Confidential police information case numbers person who picked up the phone that was ringing. So this is a relationship case, number, whatever, here's the here. Let me give you the address where this phone is being what that came right soaraway? They got back to their ping pong the police departments, right bigger things. This movie came out in two thousand seventeen October twentieth. It got an eight percent rotten tomatoes. The budget was thirty five million the opening weekend was three it made in United States six million dollars, but worldwide gross forty three million Norway Canada, get into get higher population show still times for this. I mean, it's still has p. Saw the thirty five million. I mean. The movie. Yeah. Oh, and it's got movie stars in it. It's beautifully shot. Got its big feels like a big move just to do. There's heads on people. There's people head on snowmen just like. The number of times they had to build a dummy that looked like half of a famous actors. I love a Centaur story. I really liked. Came in one hundred and forty out of all the movies made twenty seventeen it was beaten by films that we've done in this podcast..

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