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The wheat name <Speech_Male> is to talladega. <Speech_Male> I don't know it's probably <Speech_Male> the fungus name. <Speech_Male> Anyway <Speech_Male> that's what that bunt <Speech_Male> is <Speech_Male> moving onto bunting. <Speech_Male> I <Speech_Male> form noun <Speech_Male> from the fourteenth century. <Speech_Male> Any of <Speech_Male> various stout <Speech_Male> build passerini <Speech_Male> birds <Speech_Male> of which <Speech_Male> some are grouped <Speech_Male> with the cardinal <Speech_Male> and some <Speech_Male> with the new world sparrows <Speech_Male> compared <Speech_Male> to <Speech_Male> the synonyms <Speech_Male> indigo bunting <Speech_Male> and painted <Silence> bunting. <Speech_Male> <Speech_Male> And the <Speech_Male> family names <Silence> are <Speech_Male> <SpeakerChange> cardinales <Speech_Male> <Speech_Male> and <Speech_Male> ember is it <Speech_Male> i <SpeakerChange> <Speech_Male> <Speech_Male> Second form of bunting <Speech_Male> noun <Speech_Male> from seventeen <Speech_Male> eleven won <Speech_Male> a lightweight <Speech_Male> loosely woven <Speech_Male> fabric used <Speech_Male> chiefly <Speech_Male> for flags and <Speech_Male> festive decorations <Speech_Male> <Speech_Male> to a <Speech_Male> synonym <Silence> is flags <Speech_Male> to <Speech_Male> be decorations <Speech_Male> especially <Speech_Male> in the colors <Speech_Male> of the national <Speech_Male> flag. <Speech_Male> <Speech_Male> <hes> <Speech_Male> etymology <Speech_Male> says. This is from <Speech_Male> bunt which means to <Speech_Male> sift <Speech_Male> not sure where that fits <Speech_Male> in here. Moving <Speech_Male> onto the third <Speech_Male> form of bunting <Speech_Male> noun <Speech_Male> from nineteen twenty <Speech_Male> two and <Speech_Male> infants <Speech_Male> hooded garment <Speech_Male> made of <Silence> napped fabric <Speech_Male> and <Speech_Male> this is a term of <Speech_Male> endearment in the nursery <Speech_Male> rhyme <Speech_Male> by baby <Silence> bunting <Speech_Male> <Speech_Male> So <Speech_Male> you're saying by <Speech_Male> to the hood <Speech_Male> garment of <Silence> the baby. why <Speech_Male> maybe <Speech_Male> we should find this <Speech_Male> nursery. Rhyme <Speech_Male> and check out <Speech_Male> the lyrics <Speech_Male> Next <Silence> is both line <Speech_Male> noun <Speech_Male> from sixteen <Speech_Male> twenty seven <Speech_Male> one of the <Speech_Male> lines attached to <Speech_Male> the foot of a <Speech_Male> square sail <Speech_Male> to haul the sail up <Speech_Male> to the yard for <Speech_Male> furling. <Speech_Male> Lots of sailing. <Speech_Male> Words <Speech_Male> verbiage <Speech_Male> in there. That i don't know <Speech_Male> next <Speech_Male> is <Speech_Male> bunion <Speech_Male> esque capital <Speech_Male> b. u. <Speech_Male> n. y. <Speech_Male> a. n. <Speech_Male> e. s. <Speech_Male> q. u. e. <Speech_Male> adjective from <Speech_Male> eighteen eighty <Speech_Male> eight number <Speech_Male> one <Speech_Male> of relating <Speech_Male> to or suggestive <Speech_Male> of the allegorical <Speech_Male> writings of <Speech_Male> john bunyan <Silence> <Speech_Male> number <Speech_Male> two <Speech_Male> slightly <Speech_Male> differently. <hes> to <Speech_Male> a of <Speech_Male> relating to or <Speech_Male> suggestive of the tales <Speech_Male> of paul <Speech_Male> bunyan. <Speech_Male> John bunyan. <Speech_Male> paul. Bunyan i <Speech_Male> was not familiar with <Silence> john bunyan <Speech_Male> And <Speech_Male> then we've got to be <Speech_Male> of fantastically <Speech_Male> large <Speech_Male> size <Speech_Male> because famously <Speech_Male> paul bunyan <Speech_Male> was so <Silence> so big <Speech_Male> <Speech_Male> And then yeah it just says. <Speech_Male> Paul bunyan <Speech_Male> <hes> legendary <Speech_Male> giant lumberjack <Speech_Male> of us and canada. <Speech_Male> That's <Speech_Male> the etymology for number <Speech_Male> two. And the etymology <Speech_Male> for number one. <Speech_Male> Just says john <Speech_Male> bunyan's let's find out. <Silence> Who john bunyan <Speech_Male> is <Speech_Male> and then we have <Speech_Male> bunia <Speech_Male> virus <Speech_Male> b. u. <Speech_Male> n. y. <Speech_Male> Virus one <Speech_Male> word noun <Speech_Male> from <Speech_Male> nineteen eighty-five <Speech_Male> any <Speech_Male> of a family <Speech_Male> of usually <Silence> spherical <Speech_Male> or <Speech_Male> plea. Oh more <Speech_Male> fixing stranded <Speech_Male> viruses <Speech_Male> use <Speech_Male> trans usually <Speech_Male> transmitted <Speech_Male> by the bite of <Speech_Male> an arthur pod <Speech_Male> as a <Speech_Male> mosquito or <Speech_Male> in the bodily <Speech_Male> secretions of rodents <Speech_Male> and <Speech_Male> including the <Speech_Male> hantavirus <Speech_Male> andy <Speech_Male> causative agents <Speech_Male> of rift valley <Speech_Male> fever <Speech_Male> sandfly <Speech_Male> fever and <Speech_Male> some forms of <Speech_Male> encephalitis <Speech_Male> and hemorrhagic <Silence> fever. <Speech_Male> <Speech_Male> While there's luck <Speech_Male> going on there <Speech_Male> So the <Speech_Male> family name is <Silence> bunia verify. <Speech_Male> <Speech_Male> And <Speech_Male> let's see the etymology <Speech_Male> says. This is <Speech_Male> from bunia <Speech_Male> which <Speech_Male> is from bunia. <Speech_Male> Moira <Speech_Male> which is a locale <Speech_Male> in western. Uganda <Speech_Male> where the virus <Speech_Male> was isolated <Speech_Male> in nineteen. <Speech_Male> Forty three <Speech_Male> <Speech_Male> That's that and then <Speech_Male> they added a <Speech_Male> virus to the end <Speech_Male> of that <Speech_Male> and then our last <Speech_Male> word is buoy. <Speech_Male> Be <Speech_Male> you <Speech_Male> why it <Speech_Male> is the i form. <Speech_Male> The second form will be <Speech_Male> in the next episode <Speech_Male> noun <Speech_Male> from the thirteenth <Speech_Male> century. One <Speech_Male> is <Speech_Male> we just have the number <Speech_Male> two definition for the <Speech_Male> word float <Speech_Male> especially <Speech_Male> a floating <Speech_Male> object <Speech_Male> moored to the bottom <Speech_Male> to mark a <Silence> channel or something <Speech_Male> line <Silence>

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