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The genius manager of the new york yankees aaron boom who's pushing all the right buttons now is he pushing the buttons button see always has and guys are starting to hit and starting a bitch for you know it's funny when my friend says who said you know he could manage the keys and the money was right and people make fun of him for saying that you know you think about it and yeah we think it's easier than it probably is i mean i'm just thinking on some levels just to travel alone it's gotta be tough and the politics and managing twentyfive egos because you've got to believe that anybody who's good enough to be a major league baseball player has to have a pretty healthy ego so you've got to be able to make them work together keep the ones who hate your from the ones who love you on the ones in the middle i was a casey stangl who said that you know that's the job they keep the five guys at hate you away from the guys in the middle of a made up their mind but in terms of pushing the buttons bringing pitchers in taking pictures out double switching it's not rocket science it's not football wherever he plays scripted and every every game as a different plan not quite that vernon in manhattan you're on the fan vernon doing pretty good what's up talking about the mets but before i get to the mets i just wanna share one thing and maybe you can ask ron suppose question for me future rom risotto was talking about his dad being a bomber and usually when bombs go out to on emissions they're always surrounded by smaller planes for protection question i want you to present ron was his plane ever protected by the caskey airman that's that's well i guess you future way let's go with the mets with matt harvey let me hear your thoughts on this i'm to present the question i'm going to hang up and listen to you answer my father he's having problems pitching we know that we know through the surgery had muscle taken out from his chest and also from his neck gonna have same ability to pitch again.

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