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Wish TV Strong track A meteorologist Marcus Bailey, for 93 W V. C. I'm stand leer on the level on the go and on. W I b. C calm, Hammer and Nigel believe these characters They're weirdos on 93 wi BCS. Now my name is Nigel. Jason Hammer is here. I thought the Super Bowl was interesting. It was a great day, eh? I like all the events leading up to the Super Bowl had it on all day long. And like all the food we did the Nachos. You got some wings from the friendly man. It was love Super Bowl Sunday. It's always fun and kudos for the NFL for finishing on time. Amidst all the pushback and certainly sports media writers, national sports writers criticizing the NFL for even trying to move ahead with the season. I'm It wasn't the most exciting game, but I think it was the most interesting story the way that it turned out for sure, Tom Brady and the Bucks meeting cheese 31 29 31 29. I should have taken the younger like you said, Man that took the over. I was waiting for me there for sure. There's gonna be a s'more touchdowns in the fourth quarter, but those who didn't get a chance to watch the game. Maybe you've seen the movie Happy Gilmore, where Bob Barker gets in a fight with Adam Sandler's character, Happy Gilmore and the old guy beats up the young guy. That's what happened last night at the Super Bowl. Except for Tom Brady was Bob Barker and Patrick Mahomes was happy Gilmore Well, I think nobody I haven't heard anybody mention this. I think the chief's may have been distracted a little bit with what happened with Andy Reid's son, who is an assistant coach that got picked up for possible driving while impairment and then putting two kids in the hospital is a result of the crash over the weekend. I don't I mean I have a gun in the minutia of The coaching from Andy Reid, but I wonder if that had anything to do with their lousy performance. I mean, they got embarrassed by the box. I hope that I hope the child and everybody's okay. I mean, I know that's first and foremost, but On a lower, much lower secondary level. I want of the distraction of Andy Reid's son and assistant coach with the chief's getting in an accident and admitting to the police officers that he had had drinks had anything to do with their performance. And, sadly, it's not the first time there have been some issues inside of Andy Reid's family had another child have substance abuse issues, but I bet big on the Chief's last night. I had a bunch of different that's but I bet big on the chief's. I thought Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelsey. You know they were going to go down there and show the old man what time it was. But Tom Brady score one for the old man. He said, Get off my lawn because it was his lawn and his home stadium. Yeah, I had not bet against Brady the entire postseason. I've won money on Brady every game and they're in the postseason, So I was about to do it now and ended up I made some other ridiculous bets like you did ended up losing money on those But finally coming out about $20 a head had a boy. A lot of Alice said, and wedding night had a $770 in my fanduel account. Now I got 190. It was down to 100. So what made me happy at the end of the night was throughout the game. I kept seeing all these young people tweet If you don't like the halftime show, you're too old. You're too old old people say they don't like Halftime show. Well, I'm kind of an old guy. I'm the same age is Tom Brady and he went out there and opened up a can on the Kansas City Chiefs. So final score. Old guys. One young guy zero. The My wife loved the halftime show she loves the weekend. I don't really, I mean, I heard some of those songs, but I just I watched that and I thought, OK, strangely, Michael Jackson, right? It's exactly what I thought. Ah, wife loved it, though. She thought it was awesome. I thought, man that he really spin $7 million of his own money for this. Those guys with the jock straps on their faces dancing. Did they have a liquid heat on it, like from revenge of the nerds where they put it on, Takashi looks like salad. Let's hear from Tom a break. He who is now one more Super Bowls than any other NFL franchise has been amazing year just really proud of all the guys proud of all of the coaches after we put in where new airplane a great football team tonight, and we got the job done. You want to get this far? You got to get the job done, and we did it. Just a little bit more likable. Now that he doesn't have that Patriots 12 are absolutely I've said that from the beginning, and what about drunk, too? I think it's an interesting story. Yeah, Gronk. That's they set some sort of record from quarterback toe receiving touchdowns for those two in Super Bowls on guy. I think he's been relatively kind of quiet the past few games. Grand Cat, right, So I think it's an interesting story, and I I hope he doesn't retire. He's not gonna retire is he's not gonna do like Peyton did and kind of write off and there's no said he said last night. He's coming back. Okay. Okay. For sure. Why would he retired at this point on the other side? Let's check in with the Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes didn't play the way I wanted to play. All you can do is leave everything you have on the ceiling. I feel like the guys did that. They were the better team today. They beat us pretty pretty good. Worse that I think I've been beaten in a long time. But I'm probably guys now they thought to the very end of the game. I don't think you can pin that lost solely on Patrick. My homes yesterday got sacked a lot. Didn't he was running for his life. He was diving making side arm throws, um, and passes that had a legitimate chance of being caught too like amazing athleticism. But the game was a turd. The game was an absolute dud. I kept waiting for the Chiefs to make a run. You know? Here they come. This is if they got the ball to start. The second half never happened. Now, keep in mind. There were 22,500 fans in that stadium. A lot of cardboard cut outs made it look like there are more than there were. People were freaking out all the fans there. No, there was only 20 to 35,000. And this was a home game for the Tampa Bay Bucks. So, of course, people we're gonna go to the bars and pre party before the kickoff, while CNN's Randi Kaye had a big problem with that there was no bigger Debbie Downer than CNN's Randi Kaye, who was reporting from a Tampa Bay bar before the game. Let's go to a double masked and shocked Randi Kaye. She was flabbergasted. She was shocked to find out that In the town where the home team was playing in the Super Bowl. People were out drinking well, I know we're trying to enjoy it safely. We're at the poor.

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