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The food taste good you're like hey we're going to open this restaurant next tuesday right we haven't really tested the food we don't really know if the food's that good but by gosh we're gonna get this restaurant open sometimes in life you don't get that second golden look sometimes in life you don't get that second opportunity sometimes doing a bad job or did incorrect is worse than slowing down the business doing what you're doing now with excellence and getting everything really in line and keep it simple and getting those processes and checklist in place also also i know this doctors elast can't how many kids do you have three and i mean this and i'm i'm not just saying this on the show but i mean this he has three kids who speak very highly about him when i've been around them and i'm not prompting them i'm just talking about life and abo and bridget i've know that more than the other blake blake but i know bow and bridget pretty well i don't i don't know blake blake and probably half dozen occasions but i know bridget very well and you could have expanded your optometry clinic into other states but you chose to wanna be home in your local city more so you could see though blake and bridget by the way are you says of bees or what happened there just happened it wasn't like i didn't wake up and go we be man i take what i'm saying is you could have opened up and multiple states but for the benefit of your family you chose not to i would argue with your auto auction the system is very solid now so you probably could have or you've had probably opportunities to go open up and other states but you've got you quality of life probably as much as you've allieu finances or more i think value i think value time freedom and time to invest with your family more than you've value money career.

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