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Thomas Rhett or tr his friends call him. He should be on later this morning. I gotTa tell Ya I wake up in the morning and I've been doing this kito for six days now. Kida I wish I did I did slip once not on purpose. Mike D has apple's every day that eats and just like hey is eight apple no uh-huh but and Raimondo our audio guys on key dude you just feel so much like your belly that and they say you can also think about or your thoughts are going to be really. They come to you very very quickly. I'm mark clarity no cloud. I don't know that that's happening to me yet but I can feel it in my belly. Just not not feeling I love have carbs and sugar and I don't think I'm doing exactly right. I'm really following the basic rails of Kito and it's it's not a thing I'm GonNa do forever. I don't even know that it's healthy and not recommending it but I'm telling you like my belly. It's starting to feel pretty good and that's what you wanted. Yes the whole point of it wonderful slimmer. We started American idol next week. GotTa get those clothes feel happy. I'm happier. Thank you wanting to do Kito. Because you don't need to lose weight a little uh-huh. Here's the bobby bones show podcast highlights segment of today so whenever I negotiate my last contract here at work I asked for a parking spot because there's just no parking in the building and sometimes that'd be up here at all hours of the day and when I got a park three blocks over I said well if I get to ask for things I'm an astro parking. They have one of the best spot and have a sign that I think lunchbox got me to sign up for my birthday a couple of years ago and it sits there and says like parking for bobby bones we drilled old it into the wall and you always said lunchboxes have smallpox on that spy. I'm going to boot them and then it's going to charge him fifty dollars to get it off by the way he has his own boot route and he was gonna eat charges them himself. That's always been the theory yes and so yesterday you came up. I came up and there is someone back into your spot and I looked at the car and I was like and I don't remember bobby driving this white car. This is definitely not bobby so I made a video wrote a note and said you are not Bobby Bones Lydia Oh yeah because I need to have proof that there was so important they have video proof. I can't just be boot and people I have to show that. It's there but I don't think you can you just boop people anyway. when you are part illegally you can be booted but do I legally have rights for that. Spot absolute contractually do okay so I wrote them a note now letting them know that they are not bobby bones and they should not be part there and then they have to remove the vehicle. I am going to get the boot. Would you have really boosted them. Yes so I left the note on the windshield I went inside and we have a spare room and here's a video. Here's this is not bobby bones car parking enforcement and I take it very serious. Sorry Bobby so look your not bobby bones so you shouldn't park here. I'm going to boot your car. Respect the sign thanks parking enforcement enforcement and that is me so I'm going to put this here and then I'm going to go on the boot if they're not gone by that time. They're getting the boot. This is unacceptable. People respect the sign then what happened then I went came in here got the boot got out there. They were driving out of the spot. I don't know someone saw me. You put the note there or if they just happened to run in for something real quick but they were in the spot but they escape the boot by the skin. What is it called the hair on on their chin the skin of their teeth skin of their teeth? That's going to say skin and their challenge. You have really put it on the call. I was ready. I had the package open. It was ready to go. I was ready to boot and then I was going to put my phone number. Say Call me when you're ready to get off. Do you think you would have done it now. What do you mean I'm parking enforcement? Try Me what does that mean parking enforcement and that what they're called the parking people. Have you ever watched parking wars. I think they're called never watched parking. Oh my gosh you've never parking archy. Wars is so fun. It's like the meter maids go round and they write tickets and people yell at them. It's hilarious they they on the streets of Philadelphia and it is greatness says like like your fantasy I mean it's got a cool to have that power to give you know someone breaks the law. You get to bust them did you. Were they man or woman. I was a math. Do you look familiar. No No. I don't know probably just trying to park here too. Little poor man can't redesign. Oh Wow he can read and it's it's obviously not right so that was not his spot he can see the sign. It's clear as day. No one else parks there. Everybody knows so. Don't give me that I mean they even reversed in so they polled hold install the spot where ruber any parks sometimes no you gave permission. I have the notes of WHO's in allowed to WHO's not to parking enforcement keeps a list and this person was not on that list because that was a stranger. Why appreciate the effort next time? Don't get yourself beat up to get some money. That's what I'm going to get. You're going to split it with me. You told me you would pay me dollars a person you did. I did okay. I don't know maybe I don't remember I don't remember I think it was a thousand hilarious booed at somebody on the parking lot. We're GONNA get there is the future of phone service is here and it's called visible for forty bucks a month all in you get unlimited the data messages and minutes on Verizon Four G. Lt Network along with mobile hotspot at lt speeds up to five megabits per second with unlimited usage and with visible. There's no catch no annual contracts. No shady hidden fees no foot long phone bills when they say forty bucks a month I mean forty bucks a month and that includes taxes and fees vs every month and when they say unlimited data they mean unlimited know. How much day did you use charges and no caps on your speed? Visible is not in stores so that means no no lines no waiting around for a salesperson notice you you'll get hassle free service using the visible APP or website so you don't even have to get out from the couch head to visible dot com slash bones get twenty bucks off your first month service. When you sign up that's exclusive for just bobby balanced podcast listeners visible dot com slash bones visible people dot com slash bones.

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Bobby Bones, Kito, Thomas Rhett discussed on The Bobby Bones Show

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