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So I always tried to research on all my guess, googling Utah on live you go simulate you look to show. Off doing entertaining in the basement, which is just a few feet from your own personal boats. So I've got to go there and ask you is this something that you'll still proud of and wondered if you could tell me a little bit about if it is sure. Sure. So. So I'm a guy who jokingly tell the story but had nothing fifteen years ago, literally nothing, and so to be able to go from scratch with an idea that was brilliant co-founder who started with me, but for me to be able to be CEO from day one into go through this journey, and then, you know, be able to have the financial success that goes with it. I was able to build truly what you you would lay their dream about. And what's on really good that June and July? It's not as much fun to play golf here. It's kind of warm, so if I'm going to be here, I can do it in the comfort of my seventy degree basement and walk over to my bar between swings have a cocktail. So this is the drink country right for an Arizona guy. And and the rest of the the other nine months of the year when you can really get out and have fun. I'll do it on the golf course. But my game doesn't get to rusty because of it. I was able to build my truly measuring house. If we have someone listening to this conversation. Anyway in the world is inspired by your story. What's the best advice? You pass on him at the beginning or any stage of their own personal textile. Probably the thing I try to share most that I wish someone had probably enlighten me as I started my journey. There are probably three things most specifically I please be able to say what is makes you decisively better than anyone that's out there in whatever your solution. Whatever you're bringing from your business. But if that value prop concisely able to articulate what makes you dramatically different almost your unfair competitive advantage. If you decide what we better customer service, or we can do it a little cheaper. You do not have a sustainable business while so really be true to yourself. What is my competitive advantage that can build on men are to you're going to get people who are gonna come. And the first people you're going to be able to hire or your friends and families and loved ones that will believe in your vision in your. Name be ready. You're gonna rope part of them and your responsibility as a leader is to make some tough decisions. And it's find that balance point loyalty and your role as a leader of the company. I didn't always do it. Well. Sometime site to on. But I've also fired best friends and cousins, and I guess it would be now. My ex wife, I'm sure that contributed to the reason she's my ex wife 'cause like her when she was still my wife. But you had to make hard decisions. Right. And.

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