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Com gain some mechanical and Bryant doing whatever it takes. 7 56 Wdun mornings on Main Street Checking out your forecast with John Weatherby Partly sunny today. Light Southwest winds later gusting to 15 40% chance of afternoon showers and thunderstorms. 87. Showers and thunderstorms are likely this evening and showers likely later, possibly a thunderstorm. Low of 69 from the access W Do you win Weather Center. I'm meteorologist John Weatherby Bob cover this morning, but it's not keeping things from warming up. We continue to inch up right now. 74 degrees in Gainesville at W D U. N. Nobody is able to derail the Larsen Express in Music City. I'm Kyle Ricky, and this is the Monday Morning race. Recap presented by Sunoco Fill up with top tier Sunoco certified Ultratech today. Sir. Are you where you were going? 40 Miles an hour. This is a residential area. Sure, but I'm on my lawn mower. Wait, am I getting a ticket? No, I've just never seen anyone top nine miles an hour on one of those bad boys and mother entire lawn in 30 seconds. What got into you? Well, it did fuel up at Seneca this morning at Sanogo. We know how to fuel peak performance. We've been doing it for American racing for over 50 years. Fuel your best for the first time in nearly four decades. NASCAR's Cup series raised in Nashville, Tennessee yesterday, and it was the series debut at the 1.3 Mile Nashville Superspeedway. Eric Al Merola won the poll for the ally 400. But it was.

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