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That you will have in your life, and listen to yourself, listen to your body. A lot of people second guess, you know, God in the universe gives you these different types of cheat sheets and clues. You know, you can watch Barry and David. You watch xenomorph, Kobe Bryant. You can watch the inspirational quotes that they've said and things like that. So study it. If you want to become something you have to be it, you have to be around it, right? I'm a behavioral analysis. I have to say, okay, you know what? To understand a serial killer, I have to go within that serial killer's mind. I have to study that person to understand the basketball player a doctor, a lawyer or whatever it is, I have to be around it every day. It's a 10,000 hour Malcolm gladwell theory, right? You just can't just, oh, wow. I watch a couple of highlights, or I did this and I didn't go to any games. It doesn't have to be your game. It could be an opponent's game. It could be a Friends game, you will still learn something from it. So I say that to all the younger guys, if you're not studying the game, and the game starts with inside oneself, then you're going to lack, and you're going to miss all the possibilities that the universe is gifting you. So. Going back to everything, the sacrifice is understanding your boundary. So you have to sacrifice, no, my girl, no, my dad knowing my mom knowing my Friends, I'm going to study, and I'm going out to do play ball. A boundaries. But if you let everybody in your boundary, you're going to miss studying, you're going to miss hooping. Oh, your mom, dad. But you have to understand those things. And once you start to understand those things, which are uncomfortable. And I say this all the time when I'm speaking to kids or grown ups or whatever it is. At a very young age, get to the answer fast, what does that mean? That means whatever the uncomfortable feeling is, get to it faster so you can understand how you are when it does happen. Quicker. So when it is uncomfortable in life, you yourself, because you've done it so much, you are comfortable now. In uncomfortable situations. Because LeBron James and Stephen Curry and all these stuff got attacked the other day. The ref should have called it. He was mad as heck at the ref. Oh, he was so frustrated. And instead of him, after he got the set, you know he did, scored 11 straight. Because he's understands the game so much he's been around it. That in uncomfortable positions he was comfortable. And that's what you have to be. You have to put yourself, calm your

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