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Today art ever forward shawn and fragments wakeup call reaction continues to foreign via email taxed and your phone calls on the removal of several confederate statues bedeviled austrian general robbery liens normal jackson commemorating the bottle of chancellor israel in which a jackson i believe leave of i remember when history i think no he died that battle on of the double check that but i do believe he perished in the battle was don't get your calls and comments the attorney general jeff sessions is expected to make a major address today from miami on sanctuary cities and miami used to be one they've now changed their tune to go to cooperate with the feds and the attorney general said yesterday respect for the rule of law has broken down in chicago their socalled sanctuary policies are just one sad example sites were city a trafficker a smuggler worry predators best friend and baltimore is a sanctuary city and the bomber police christer kevin dave told the acting assistant attorney general alan hansen who wrote a letter asking for baltimore's assistance with the feds and go on this partnership and david sort of like good kind of evading here saying well we don't control those the the city jail and they don't the state does so it really should be the governor and and state we get it but it but this is interesting income mr davis's response he says leaking crime assistanct immigration policies is concerning and sends the wrong message quote public safety depends on all communities regardless of immigration status having crossed of law enforcement without this trust immigrants may be less likely to communicate with the police report crimes or seek assistance upon becoming a victim and of.

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