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We're gonna get a spike in cases. Obviously, it's already happening in November, ranging into December. By the time we hit late December and January is hardly gonna be starting to decline on Then, if Joe Biden is indeed inaugurate, he will come into clear mask mandate and then on the basis that it's already been on the decline. He will then declare that he is solved. Hold it 19 in the medium with all of our lives. The reason I say this is because we actually saw this was Governor Andrew Cuomo in New York during the first spike, There's this big spike the case numbers started to come down. Then he declared a mask mandate, and then the media declared him a hero. And is that something that you think is likely? I mean, it's possible. You know what if that, if that's all it takes, and we can open up our world again, I don't care who gets credit. I think this point the lockdown there so damaging That if if literally that kind of fiction is what you need up. I'm OK with it. I think we just have to understand a lot does are causing such devastating effects to health both domestically and internationally, and we have a better strategy available so T to protect the vulnerable and sold it. So I think I think is that literally way solve, coded by protecting the vulnerable with the vaccine and other forces protection kind of ideas, and we opened up the world. All that's required is like you know some legal fights over whether the president can issue a nationwide mass mandate. Push it. That's OK. That's the tradeoff. I'll take some final question for you, Dr Bhattacharya. I'm not even been following all the sort of quasi controversy over the announcement of the vaccine development. Obviously, the Fizer vaccine announcement was made just a couple of days after many of the networks declared the election for President Trump President Trump is very angry about that. He thinks that the process was held off until after the election. What do you make of that accusation? I mean, I read some things back and forth about this. I mean, there was a debate earlier in summer about sort of how the evaluation of the safety of action should go. But I mean, I don't I don't know. Have any special information say it was done for political reasons or not. It's no vaccines generally didn't take quite a long time to get approved because you know you want to get, you know to play it in tens of millions of people for hundreds of millions of people. You're testing it in tens of thousands. You want to be pretty sure it's safe before you say yes. So I mean, I don't. I don't know. I don't know. But Mike. My explanation is instead of people who tend to evaluate it are not particularly political. So But it could be. I mean, obviously possible. Dr J. Bhattacharya, professor medicine and Stanford University really appreciate your time as well as your insight. Thanks so much. Thank you. I know already coming on more.

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