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Poorly, but Graham Hanson is good. She's solid real quick on South Korea. They do finally get a goal about twelve minutes from the end of their tournament. The number thirteen mingy scores. Great great assist. Yeah. It's a nice goal. You were kind of like, well where was that the, the whole tournament, I guess, that's my takeaway on the South Korea team, just a really disappointing toothless performance from a team. We should remind people made it out of the group phase in the last World Cup and did so with four points. So got multiple results on their way out of the group. And I thought this time just really let themselves down. Yeah, it wasn't impressive from them. They didn't have any bite going forward, and it was surprising when empty so young and she'll in there. So it was disappointing from them. I did not have them going through though. Right. Except I had Nigeria because things Nigeria with Thomas Donner be the former Swedish national team coach taking over bringing over some organization, I thought Nigeria be the most poised to make a run. And now they're gonna have to wait for others. A wonder if with South Korea, there was some element or shades of like Scotland mismanaged that, that approach. And no, I think they're game that they could have one was Nigeria. And I think they were mismanagement that was poor coached selection. In terms of the players, and how he was lining people up and how they were playing. Just not effective in the box at all. And they member they did have a goal called back for offside. I think. Yeah, because their head was a little bit off side. So they this the team that underwhelmed, and it wasn't good enough, and they were in between this and the Japan group, they don't have that. You can't have that margin of error. It's not like the United States group-group group baffler, you can get away with some stuff. All right. Thank so groups a and b are done and dusted, France. Norway Spain Germany China or all going through to the round of sixteen Nigeria's, maybe they're going to have to wait to see what else happens part of that. What else that will happen that will affect Nigeria's fate is what goes down on Tuesdays games as we put a bow on groups, c and d Kate. Let's start with group c the standings, currently are Italy. First, Brazil second, Australia third Jamaica forth. It'll be Jamaica. And australia. And then Italy and Brazil. Let's start with that. Jamaica, Australia match real quick on paper. It seems like a pretty obvious Australia. Low out to make a gut stretched really easily in their last game. I think Australia will be organized enough and more importantly, they're confident they're coming into this game. Sam Kerr had been attacked on social media, homophobic, rants on her. And she came up even though she did not touch the ball in two goals. She caused two goals. Part of that she was big reason why. So here's a team that's looking now has a mission to just basically say we they've been galvanizes group. They've been whether their style, whether people are coming after them with personal attacks. They're like, I think the way they started the tournament, also some criticism, losing to Italy..

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