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And let's go to rob stallworth in the WTB traffic center Oh yeah let's have some fun out there Folks if you don't have to be out on the roadways please stay home and enjoy the day because the weather is not going to be a pretty one As you go through the afternoon no issues on the beltway in either Maryland and Virginia In Virginia oakton westbound 66 before one 23 the right lane blocked for broken down vehicle authorities are headed to the scene in order to assist South down on one 23 Oxford the ramp to the northbound fairfax county Parkway that off ramp was blocked as a result of the crime scene there otherwise if you're traveling on I 95 In the northbound direction coming up from Fredericksburg some snow light conditions taking place right now so please use caution if you're traveling We do have the salt and sand trucks on the side of the road just in case it gets a little dicey on I 95 so right now as you continue northbound toward the Springfield interchange you can join a decent ride you're express lanes are open in the northbound direction No problems when I three 95 up to and across the 14th street bridge and Arlington Northland street between Wilson boulevard in 19th street we had crane work where you were staying left in order to get by there on certain that is still there or not He traveled at this point in the district I two 95 in D.C. two 95 running well no problems on the southeast Southwest freeway north on Thursday tunnel we had D.C. roadway operations clearing the icicles that were hanging in the tunnel we believe that's actually wrapped up and gone Southeast was Martin Luther King Jr. avenue near Alabama avenue That's where we had the crashing there Otherwise the Broadway running well in Maryland through Montgomery and prince Georges counties no problems on two 70 9 95 remains clear but travel on route 50 going across the bay bridge looking pretty good for now with no real issues for 50 west street westbound at one 78 generals highway the last report you run to police directs for the crash where we believe attacks we wrapped up and gone Visit fit small dot com to find a safe used car Fitzgerald has hundreds of cars trucks and SUVs Next to a new car if it's way cars best visit fit small dot com today I'm rob stallworth WT traffic Thanks so much rob Let's get a live report now with storm team four Steve prince of valley Steve what are we expecting in the next couple of hours Well in conditions we'll certainly deteriorate Shana as we head through the next few hours.

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