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I love the bunder. Dot exists between. Bruce and steve particularly when they go on It's going home time. It's quitting time. And all of that. But i think sometimes it's music strong bet and its life capacity Also maybe as with be skull connections over here in northern ireland and the uk It it's maybe sport just as prominent. But i get the premise and i liked the premise of the idea of looking back and reflecting on your glory days. Maybe it's. I'm just a little too young ma'am just noted that stage for sure late resonate with me So those are some of the reasons why i think maybe it's a little various. Okay that's interesting You know that is slow song. He plays live a lot You know so interesting. All right song the and we're gonna leave left the negative part of the list song. That is underappreciated. Right this this is probably the category jesse. Nearly closely the most difficulty So the one that. I'm going to go with both of the songs here that i'm sort of torn between i think are under appreciated and the sense of because they're quite simple. It's the simplicity of so one that i'm going to go with is shall take the light okay Just as i said the simplicity of the music the lyrics. I think it's a so that is quite appreciative by some of the found via split. I'm nearly going from the perspective. That bruce Maybe obviously in crafting the board in the yes album felt that it didn't fit For whatever reason And he has a number of songs of course tell the narrative of of war veterans and so But he put it on tracks. Didn't put it on the album. So i'm going to go. That maybe he under appreciates the a little bit so showed i. I just think The story of the mind returning home from more the the sense that he's not quite ready to face the homecoming That is being prepared for the pretend that everything's okay. Then we're taken to His his wife his partner getting ready for has returned having ensured that the children are being looked after. But it's it's the chorus it's the the mama mama mama come quick. I've got the shakes. And i'm gonna be sick. Put your arms around man the cold night. Hey nine moment shall like the light. It takes me back to my childhood childhood. Like emerson's of just being a self confessed mama's boy where when you were sick and you were l. And even when you're grown up on your last year when you're when you're having a dying day or when you're l or badreddin or whatever or something just that loveliness o- of wanting to call the wom- person. He was always able to come foggy and always able to be there your mother. I think it's just such a enemies and so yeah the choice. Great great great. And now i want to listen to it after hearing you talk about it right yes. So that's that's great. I it was. It was a difficult choice. But i think it's the one that i always combined to my own mentioned for that one.

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