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This Tuesday morning second day of the week here at three 28. Graphic had weather ID 8s, good morning to rich on her in the double DLP traffic center. Hi good morning dean still working up on two 70 in both directions approaching 85 buckies town pike down to a single left lane in each direction there as of late. Delays have been briefed, so hopefully you're getting through okay. If you're traveling on I 70 westbound, they continue to work west of the Baltimore ballet headed toward the batavia river and the Howard county line, single file Reich at you by the milling and paving project. And Virginia, paving on Georgetown pike has its slow and boat directions between walker road and the entrance to Great Falls park at old dominion drive. Again, traffic alternated one direction at a time through that work zone and it does slow folks down there so just be aware if you're traveling on 66 westbound as you approach and pass nug street headed toward one 23 still getting by that work zone single file to the right and you're also getting by a single file right between the fairfax county Parkway in 29 and center vault as well, so just be aware if you're traveling eastbound on 66 working your route 50 fairfax there you're down to a single right lane and then between as you approach and pass, not least street again two right lanes get you bothered work where they block off the left side of the split beyond that better headed toward the bellway. Still working for now three 95 south approaching edsel road, stay right past the work sound, rich hunter WTO traffic. Another hot and humid day out there for your Tuesday, really the last one with both heat and humidity. We'll see a good chance of afternoon showers and thunderstorms as well. Going for a high of 94° before the storms move in, some of those storms could be strong, too severe during the afternoon. On Wednesday, behind that system, we're still warm, but not as hot and not as human with high of 88, 88 on Thursday and on Friday, going for high temperature of 85°, you know, it's a lot better with low humidity there as well. I'm storm team four, chief meteorologist at camera. You're working off this early 3 a.m. hour Tuesday morning August 30th to 74 and rest in 77 Bethesda, 74 as well in woodbridge this morning. We have dropped a degree where it's 75 now and our nation's capital. You listen to WTO for the latest news, traffic, and weather in your car, but what about when you're not behind the wheel? Download the WTO news app to listen wherever you are, eating breakfast, out for a run, or at work. Plus, sign up for news alerts, create a personalized news feed and register for rewards, 24/7

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