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Gene Erica mentioned that unite the right rally in Charlottesville. And that slogan, you will not replace us. That started getting cited by people who went on to do all these massacres. Leading up to what happened in Buffalo. And that phrase has roots in this other French you know, I mentioned the camp of the saints that French dystopian novel, there's another book that was inspired by that one called the great replacement Lagrange man by the French author renowned Camus and he's the one who popularized this idea that demographic change is an existential threat to white people. And instead of seeing demographic change as a morally neutral reality, they paint it as this dangerous thing that's going to result in white genocide, basically. That's going to blot out and wipe out white people. It's a complete distortion of the reality of what demographic change really means. And it's all rooted in vitriolic racism and fear..

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