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The I call geopolitical Oh pathologist here. We're going to get a geopolitical bone sauce scalpels knives to open up this very ugly mass that happened yesterday with the Democrats hoping beyond reason and common sense and disaster of of Mr Mueller wasn't even via with his own documents that were not pen by him <hes> Josh I want you to go to a geopolitical autopsy on the disaster yesterday and where this leads this whole thing because Durham and the bar reports are going to go onto the next few months and the session has been as actually retire soon because it two days before the six week August recess and I believe the Democrats now have committed I form of Geopolitical Hurry County which is Japanese right of self immolation by putting a summarize sort in your abdomen disembowelling yourself before I believe they disemboweled themselves on areas that they didn't they well. I'll tell you this look. I have no sympathy whatsoever for a corrupt dirty cop like Robert Mueller but I have to say it looked like elder abuse out there for the public to see and I think the Democrats are guilty of elder abuse because criminally <hes> it was a criminal act what what he did basically I mean here's a guy that says that he doesn't even know what fusion G._P._S. is. He doesn't know Glenn Simpson. It's above your purview. Are you kidding me. You know what team it makes me seem like that Robert Mueller never did any of the investigation for the two plus years he just just hired Weisman to do it. All whitesman then hired a bunch of people to do it all Whitesman even as corrupt and crooked and see is even he realized that there was no there there early on in the process but didn't report back or didn't care to report back or maybe it and still didn't care to report back to Mueller about it and they just kept going on with this facade for as long as humanly possible. You know what I hope that Boomerang Operation Boomerang is in full effect effect and I hope John Durham takes down Robert Mueller along with all these other groups they criminals because I'll tell you right now. Robert Mueller perjured himself. I am a minimum of one time in that hearing maybe more but at least one time and it was in particular the time when he was speaking with representatives anti fix who said on May tenth of two thousand Seventeen at seven forty five in the morning or wherever it was did you or did you not have a conversation with Rod Rosenstein about selecting a special counsel not you in particular special counsel in general and he was like all right. I don't know I don't think so and he's like a wicked. Did you did you none like I don't recall ever having that and that's why Andy Biggs looked at him with that crazy look and then Robert Mueller said what what you don't believe me and he said well actually no. I don't because the record shows that you did have in this conversation. Sell forgetting something does not excuse for violating Perjury Okay Robert Mueller committed perjury on a minimum of one time and needs to be held accountable for it. There needs to be a counter investigation into Robert Mueller from jumped testimony in particular on on the fact that he committed perjury right. I think this is more deadly than even the uranium one scandal US involved with that and the cover up nine eleven and Benghazi which another disaster created during Miller's time and Hillary Clinton as a senator I mean this is kind of foolish is going on here and Mueller is got blood on his hands as me and the fact that Weizman Weisman needs to go to jail and somebody's so called even rats like judge Pirro calls them what I see happening here is this is going to turn back. I'M GONNA say very pointedly. You're gonNA start seeing the dominos fall when one of these rats is going to turn on the other rats and try to get a deal and then you're gonNa see a whole lot of them wearing orange jumpsuits doing the PERP Walk We. We need to play some really good jazz music while we turned into video of seeing a bunch of Intel Ages F._B._i.. Department of Justice and politicians doing the PERP Walk to maximum security prison without air with a yard work time no Internet no book deal House that yeah he I'm for it man. That's exactly what I hope happens. I hope these people are held accountable for what they did. An amazing kind of treason word hang on anything you say the treason word you you get an article written about yeah from right wing watch so I'll refrain from that but look the bottom line is these people need to be held accountable. You're right. They do need to go to jail. Hopefully many of them will start flipping on each other <hes> like the rats that they are and <hes> we'll see what happens since I know that Durham is a no nonsense guy and it looks like bill bars in the right spot but as I said before and I'll continue to say until he's gone. Christopher Ray is in the way and Christopher Ray needs to go for there to be full gases well ray to meet another example along with John Lightning bolden even palm pale that are bad advisers. They were beating your wardrobe trying to push trump to do something stupid and now there's lots of steps before trump needs to engage in any direct conflict with Iran. The main thing is defensive strategy which is why you're gonNA defend the pipeline across Saudi Arabia defend the airbases in the Middle East and Israel and <hes> I think economically we have a lot of things brazier sitting over whatever they're part of the flotilla they try to control the Gulf Oman. We should take over those areas. We should not allow the Ryan's to control the street over Mo's anymore the Gulf Amman that doesn't mean we needed to militarily conflict with him unless they decided to directly attack our ships in which case we you should sink them but to be honest with you. I don't think we should do a penalty attack. I think what we should also do is a economic sanctions against their so called allies agreed with Iran even though they've proven that they're going to enrich uranium to create a weapons-grade bomb and building missiles to attack Israel and European countries that won't play ball with them and we need a sanction against the corporations that are making Russia deals for example Airbus making deals with a with Iran selling Airbuses they. That's why the back door here these corporations in Europe are making back door deals with Iran and and they're laughing all the way to the bank while they're putting the whole world in danger they are and look. I hope that <hes> the new Prime Minister of the U._K.. Boris Johnson <hes> I know that he's going to be dead set on getting the brexit going and making sure who said I think by October or something like that that they were going to be out but he also needs to also be able to multitask and he needs to figure out a way to take care of Iran and show Oh that he's tough and show that he's not going to be pushed around and bullied around anymore. <hes> and obviously theresa may even before that <hes> the leaders before that <hes> they did the same thing they you know they just sat there and they had sat on their hands a and they lead Iran do what they're doing so I think that that needs to be a sea change in attitude as well and <hes> you know he did say that he's going to try to clean up some of the corruption and he's going to try to do some things different but again you have to understand that in England is pretty much you know run by the Royal Family it's run by the Queen and whatever she says goes in the end but also run by the rothschilds in fact that the royal gems are owned by the rothschilds and kept in the tower London but the tower is also owned by the rothschilds. Obviously that's why the one of the sons is married to a blood descendant of the rothschilds so after the Napoleonic wars they gradually took over the government of Britain so Britain basically as a proxy of the Rothschild who run everything in Britain at the world economic bubble market for the entire world which is why they're so desperate to make sure that we don't make alliance with Russia and China and Belton road which actually stabilizes against future nuclear chemical and biological intrical warfare is the bankers make lots of money and hey by K. maintaining chaos they don't want us to have peace with Russia and China. They don't want us to have a good to a protection of our patents. It don't want us to actually start to democratize China so that they don't have thirteen million plus under citizens can't get on train plane or even vote or good medical drugs or medical care in China people know this do they know. I don't think they do and obviously China's got its own issues. I mean it's got just as much debt. As we do but more importantly it's got billions. <hes> you know more people. It's got a lot more people. I forget what they're pushing now. I think <hes> well their military is a million and I think they're they're middle. Class alone was like four hundred the million people which is more than the population in the United States and I think they're one point two one point three one point four somewhere around that billion people so there's over a billion people in China and they are stretched. I mean to the maximum axum interesting since the dialogue was trump and the trade of you WanNa contentions many of the corporations on their own have left China and gone to other Asian other countries and so China's losing a lot of these international corporations and so they better damn will make a deal sooner they're going to be drained if even the companies that have moved to China to try to get cheap labor etcetera and tech support with lots of engineers because one of the things we'll China is years ago they set up an educational program for Techs and for people so he can get a factory up in no time at all but the fact is that advantage disappearing didn't go to Vietnam Japan and South Korea and so on and there's no need to be in China and China's totalitarian there they frightened people I mean I got relatives and friends in China and I can tell you it's disgusting my youngest daughter's merger man whose mothers swam across Shenzhen Harbor and then it was eaten by sharks getting to immigrate to Canada and had <hes> my youngest sister's husband and they are very smart people I mean they're family were bankers in Shenzhen and they're all shot in the back of the head except for my my youngest daughter's husband's mother and the Chinese a lot of them went to Taiwan and the Taiwanese aren't going to bow to the Chinese are they in fact most people <music>. They're gonNA start erecting statues of president trump kind of like <hes> kinda like pulling did <hes> of Ronald Reagan. I think you're GonNa see the same thing happened in Taiwan with President trump they absolutely absolutely love president trump Taiwan they completely <hes> support everything that he's doing because he's been off on China because finally they have someone that's actually going to punch the bully back in the mouth and stop their currency manipulation population and and <hes> you know stop all the you know imbalance of trade deficits and things like that going on and so they're obviously excited about that but you're right. China needs to come to the table because because they don't have another choice when they're when they're twenty four twenty three trillion dollars in debt with one point two one point three billion people. They're going to sell implode. There's not much more they can do so they better wake up..

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