Chamber Of Commerce, Donald Trump discussed on Rush Limbaugh


That they believe in cop to is cheap labor. Cheap labor is one of the primary objectives of businesses according to these people it a labor is the single biggest cost of any business and controlling labor costs and knowing what they're going to be this is why union contracts for so long. Is businesses want to be able to calculate the number one expense. What it's going to be years and years out, so that they can put together the rest of the balance, sheet P and L and all that. After factor in the number one cost labor, like all businesses, they want to spend as little as they can on everything that's mandated, including labor. Which kind of flies in the face of what Americans think, if free wager fair wage is gonna pay people enough that got money to spend by the products corporation or a number of them are making or otherwise it's all pointless. But there are political, inroads that have been made into the chamber of commerce, and they're now they're no longer what your impression of them has always been and they're not alone. There's any number of institutions like this, that have that have been taken over. They tire federal bureaucracy. Which is now under some sense of change with the with, with Trump, but it look at its it sounds simplistic to say it, but it isn't. It's just that a bunch of leftist activists. Work their way into these organizations rise to the top, and change their focus and their identity while hiding behind the original mission, so that nobody gets suspicious. I mean, the people the leftist took over the chamber commerce did not advertise. It did not promote. It did not throw a celebration party when they get control of it. They just operated it. Meanwhile, what are conservatives doing? Conservatives if you can find them, or having debates in magazines and websites on what is conservatism. And they're not trying to implement any of it, they're just arguing about what it is. And who is one who isn't one and what kinds of conservatives ardor, what kind of conservatism is there and all this is being done so that they can exclude some people that they don't want to be conservative south one side of the aisle is in this so-called intellectual debate over what conservatism is while the left is actually infiltrating institutions organizations and slowly trying to take them over and shape them into their own political image in the chamber is had in large part that now not everybody in the chambers gone. Don't misunderstand. But all you have to know is the chambers position on. Illegal immigration amnesty, to get an idea of how they have changed every member, their collection as that laid a huge donors. This is one of the reasons why so many Republicans are for amnesty because the donors are I gotta take a break. I appreciate the call very much. And we will continue.

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