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Plan on taking the summon or the veterans expressways, Samantha Canning NewsRadio w F L A. It is a beautiful day out there, but it's cool and a light breeze are high today in the mid sixties is below average, but otherwise comfortable. They get ready for another chilly night as we drive down into the upper forties by the time you wake up on Saturday morning, Little bit warmer through the weekend. Those 71 on Saturday 74 on Sunday Sunday night. The rain comes in as a cold front passes, and it's chilly again next week in the voting forecast today, North winds tend not seize it 2 to 3 ft and a light chop in the bag. Maxim. Integrate meteorologist least ban Mm hmm. Greetings to you. Music lovers drill seekers conversational saw across the fruited plain. I am Rush Lim more than big voice on the right back at it for Friday. Let's hit it No. From sunny South Florida. It's open wine Friday. Yes, sory, open line friend, a great to have you with us, as always. If you want to be on the program, you just have to call it's 800 to 8 to two a day. Two. It's been a number for over 30 years, and it doesn't spell anything. There's no vanity in the phone numbers like 1, 800 dialog Russia or whatever. It is just.

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