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But the virus disease so I think this could be hope for a lot of people. President elect Joe Biden campaigns for two Democrats hoping to win both of Georgia's Senate seats. I need two senators from this date. Want to get something done not to senators, or just going to get in the way incumbent Republicans David Perdue and Kelly left Lor are in runoff elections. January 5th against Democrats. Jonah Soften Raphael Warnock. The outcome of the elections could determine which party is in charge of the U. S. Senate. The Minnesota pardons Board freeze a black man who was sent to prison for life when he was a teenager. I come before you 30 34 year old man. Spend more than light half of his life and incarcerated for a crime. I didn't commit Mayan. Burrell was 16 when he was sentenced to life in prison in the 2002 killing of 11 year old Tisha Edwards. Earlier this year, The Associated Press and American public media uncovered new evidence and flaws in the police investigation. Theeighties investigation found no hard evidence tying Burrell to the shooting. Burrell's co defendants said he was not at the scene and police failed to collect surveillance video from a convenience store that Burrell said could have Cleared him. That cup food store was the same store outside which police officer held his knee against George Floyd's neck on Memorial Day this year, causing Floyd's death and sparking racial injustice. Protests across the nation I might grow CIA. This is AP News. Resident like Joe Biden nominates his former rival people to judge as secretary of transportation. He intends to choose former Michigan governor Jennifer Granholm as his energy secretary. Biden also plans to tap Gina McCarthy, a former environmental Protection agency administrator in the Obama administration, toe head his administration's domestic climate plans across the federal government. One of the NFL's wild card games next month will be on Nickelodeon pool isn't a pineapple under to see if it will be an NFL game, with SpongeBob running out of the tunnel and players being covered in digital slime after touchdowns. Three wild card games Will air January, 10th and Nickelodeon will simulcast the middle game for families with kids. No Eagle and Nate Burleson will do. Play by play, joined by Gabrielle Naevia Green of the Knicks show all that Co starred Lex Lumpkin will report from the field. The usual game broadcast will run on CBS. I'm Argies are Aleta. I'm Tim McGuire. AP News.

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