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I do think you're going to see people just get tired. Of living like this and they're going to mature their way out of it and young people tend to reject. What the the establishment is and young people are going to reach yet. This very stifling. Less politicize everything mentality because it's exhausting. It's no fun at people like you Charlie Breitbart News. We offer free to. We offer fine. We offer that alternative. There is an alternative in America. And I think people can find that. Find, that refreshing once once we get through all of this stupidity. And the question is, when do we? When do we hit bottom? And how much damage do we have to go through? When you have a Sacramento Kings radio announcer that gets fired when he says all lives matter I mean when you have the constant digital annihilation culture. I think that is one thing culturally. That is different I mean they tried to do that? In the nineteen sixties has just. Just to your point, they didn't have the same digital mechanisms to be able to expose and boycott and create a mob swarm within a moment's notice like they do today now they can say. We want to wipe this person off the face of the earth. One of those individuals that they've tried to cancel for quite some time you wrote about this is Jerry owl junior, dear friend of mine. Runs Liberty University one of the few good colleges in our country. You wrote about kind of the how he was attacked for attacking exposing Ralph northerns racism. Can you talk about this? This is one of the most outrageous stories I've ever seen. Jerry Falwell junior doesn't like a relic governor. Ralph North on the. Virginia governor doesn't like his mandatory mass policy so what? Did. You know was put up a tweet that said if going to be forced to wear masks in so many words I'm GonNa. Wear this mask picture of black face on in what he had on the master or the picture that he put on the twitter on the tweet. Was that infamous yearbook photo? Where north of his either dressed up as a clansman or dressed up in black face in none of it is good nature. This is not a good natured anti-racism. Fail. This is a malevolent malicious stereotype. making very light of of racism, which is what you expect from Democrats at that time because Democrats were the pro segregation party that time. It was Falwell who.

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