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Here's to be yeah wall mma fans got a little bit of uh come up and s when mcgregor went in there and and and boxed mayweather and you know basically got got got taken out and i think most of us who have follow sport seriously expected probably may will probably mcgregor did better than he did better than i thought he would do and i didn't think he did that well but i thought he'd better than i expected but there were a lot of people there was some people even some people in the in the media covering mma may who thought oh yeah con is going to go in there and just change the world and and there was a little bit of like come up for a fan so this will be the the way to come back now now you get this guy coming into the cage and take it'll take them i i the thing that was there really got me was with a little bit of the reaction i thought you know tyrant who they come on say i'll train him to to fight me may world that that that was kinda cool than also dimitris johnson tweeting out of the picture himself those belts and to me that would be the most amazing five if if found dana white i don't want conor mcgregor in there i want to meet your his johnson than there because i want my guy who's who's like twenty twenty five thirty pounds lighter than mayweather to get in there and beat the crap out of him that would be kinda folk because of course mcgregor's going to do it and of course to beatrice can do it but seen as lillard guy the little guy in your entire company coming in there's and doing it would just somebody's surfaced in oleg part of the dana white uh a thought process in what he was selling before mayweather mcgregor was hey why should mcgregor of.

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