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They come out in a pistol formation and handed off to Doakes. Nice hole as he turns the right corner runs for the first down stiff arms, a defender over it's Jerome Ford. Rather than Jared jokes, and he runs into S M u territory before being tackled at the 40 yard line. Poor Roderick Robertson just got Steamrolled by Jerome afford. That wasn't quite Derrick Henry White. But close enough close. Oh, wow. Of course. Jerome Ford started at Alabama, where Derrick Henry played his college ball 1st and 10 bear cats at the 39 of SM you, Ritter. Fakes a hand off his past caught And it's going to be a first down. Pick up as Jordan Jones has his first catch of the night and his third as a bear cat back to back first down pickups for you see, absolutely love the point calling Right now the play action runs working, so the play action is going to work and good to see Jordan Jones get in the mix 24 yards on the run for Jerome Ford 12 yards on the past Jordan Jones. So 36 The first two snaps of this drive in the bear cats have it at the 27 of SM You wanna come back to that play in a second? What Ritter did there which was great. Ford remains the running back lines up to the left of Desmond Ritter. Dez catches the shotgun snap. The play is blown dead, five yard penalty on Cincinnati, so Jordan Jones has split out to the right. Um S m u had a corner blitz on and he noticed it was coming right away. Rehearse, alit, coming and anxious. Left Jordan Jones wide, wide alone out there and just great, great plague. Good recognition. By Desmond Ritter. Jordan Jones, The receiver realized that as well have to be on the same page got the hot Reid took off down the field days with 116 passing yards 56 rushing yards. 1st and 15, now for Cincinnati after the five yard penalty, they run a quarterback drawed opens up in the middle field for Ritter has a first out and more 10 5 touchdown has been Ritter in the bear Cats as he goes 32 yards to the house for another Cincinnati score, man. Is he having again, huh? About that, And that was just me just flew through there when he got through the line of scrimmage in so many times, we see the quarterback slide or head to the sideline and not that you don't want to do that. If you're if you're goingto take a chance on getting hurt, But he's looking to make yardage and that was excellent. He jumped over a tackle. My goodness. He's having an outstanding game two touchdown runs one touchdown pass for Desmond Ritter. The extra point for Cole Smith is good. Says with 116 passing yards. He now has 88 rushing yards on seven attempts, and the bear cat lead is upto 18 points over undefeated, SM you on the road..

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