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Month free sponsored by Audi right now trending on news ninety three point one okay of BK the federal reserve expected to cut rates this week at a critical meeting the kana say it's an indication of concern about the US economy slowing down and rising concern about a global slowdown as well most seem may not be believing anymore small start ups and government agencies are racing to create systems to detect it deep thanks ahead of the twenty twenty election and they're doing battle with an increasing army of people now making those deep fakes the technology is getting easier to use giving more people access and well if you look closely you can still spot deep thanks experts say that window of recognition is closing rapidly I am worried about the weaponization and I'm worried about how it's impacting us as a society so we are working as hard as possible to detect these things that is honey for read he is a computer scientist at Dartmouth university in he told PBS that he is a part of one team working ahead of the election to learn the patterns of speech and the body language for each candidate he says that will help them spot deep fakes even as the technology improves we do that of course by analyzing hundreds of hours of video of individuals were focused on building models for all of the major party candidates so that we can upload a video to our system we can analyze it by comparing it to previous interviews and then asking what is the probability that this is consistent with everything we've seen before okay so in this day and age I just sometimes wonder how you know how much were fooled I harken back to the doctor Nancy Pelosi video where you know she was quote unquote drunk but wasn't drunk right and it clearly was a deep Fagan somebody produced and so on and you know within hours that will everything on on on on on line just went viral with people saying wait a second this is a deep fake I mean the the warning signs are are being pushed out just almost as rapidly as the deep fakes are being pushed out something this Dartmouth guy brought up the professor from Dartmouth and that was interesting he said what if someone took about president trump and they did a deep fake of him saying I have launched against North Korea okay and then it goes on Twitter and it goes viral and how to the rec instant and then how they react in an instant so he says okay it's it's unlikely but it's not wholly without out the outside the realm that is understandable which is why it's so important to I'd be able to identify these deep thank so start ups like a there's a San Diego based company they are currently working on technology to digitally mark photos that can be verified here's our vice president true path of true Peck that's the company Nick brown he's talking about the detection technology we can be considered a digital notary for photos and videos online we started the company a number years ago with the notion that seeing is no longer believing when it comes to images on the web it's too easy to falsify photo in fact modern consumer experiences to take a photo edit the photo and then posted somewhere and that's fine when your Instagram your breakfast but it's not okay when you're making a decision on the photo and so that the consumers are used to fake photos because we make them right we have the consumer technology but the nice buildings are on and we do all that stuff and in the are I should say our executive producer just corrected me apparently policy was not a deep fake it's a fake right now the debate it was slow down I cannot keep up with all the freaking there otherwise I saw I mean I look to depict all day yesterday this one with Jordan Peele because he does a really good president Obama voice right and they had president Obama space and video and they had Jordan kills and voice okay thank things that president Obama never sat and it it was pretty good I'm not perfect but pretty good and but they said the window of that technology is closing where you're gonna be able to tell so the US defense department is also working on this and they are trying to develop a system to detect photos or video that has been manipulate at the highest levels now I know it off to the roads we go let's check in with Brian our thing things getting better all the way around this report is brought you by true car west.

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