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We don't have all the tools that we need on our toolbox to really, really get at the scourge of gun violence. Gun control critics say restrictions only serve to disarm law abiding citizens, Christie king WTO P news. A new army survey finds soldiers and their families aren't happy with military housing, federal news network Scott maccioni reports. The army saw a drop in satisfaction with residents of its government owned and government leased housing this year, privatized military housing satisfaction scores dropped nearly two points compared to last year, with an overall rating of 74 out of 100. Army owned housing dropped about half a satisfaction point with an overall score of 72. The army is currently investing billions of dollars to improve its barracks and on base housing, the military is a hole still reckoning with privatized housing scandals that left service members and substandard living conditions. Scott marioni, federal news network. As a heat wave hits California residents are being asked to cut back on how much electricity they use, including the juice they use for their electric cars. Owners of teslas and other electric cars here in California are being asked not to charge their vehicles between 4 p.m. and 9 p.m.. That has prompted some to ask questions about an eventual complete conversion to electric cars. Well, there's no way we could keep up right now if we suddenly went to a 100% clean cars. Severin bornstein of the University of California says 100% will consume a lot of power. It's about an extra 30%. Experts in the field say this will be one of the challenges as clean cars become more popular. Steve hutchman CBS News, Los Angeles

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