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Really happy to be back here tonight with everybody really missed being on the podcasts these last couple of days. So very, very fun to be back with everybody. We're also GONNA amazing race coverage coming up tomorrow. I will be talking with Jessica lease and Mike Bloom about amazing race episode number two we also have our second amazing race pot of the week the tar pits. We had a lot of fun with our bonus episode on. Week number one and then it'd be a lot of fun on the tar pits again, this weekend as we continue to bring you. To Amazing Race podcasts a week. All right. Grace. What else are you up to outside outside of all the fun we get to talking about big brother twenty two you can follow me on twitter at high from grace actually just launched a podcast. We just drug episode for this past Sunday called hold up so you can search us on twitter at hold podcast, but that's with one. P will be using odd Kassab hold up on cast. Beckett LGBTQ Queer Media and we'll send that. We talked about the Ellen episode Amoco's Hudson who has a podcast. As well a lot of fun check now bumper. All Right Melissa. How about you? You know just. Draining courage people to vote text thinking all that stuff all that fun stuff if anyone wants to start thinking and doesn't know how to start talk to me is I've been doing it nonstop and it's super. By forgotten down the stretch, but that's about it. You can find me on. Social, media it's Melissa with creates. Melissa's also fighting the nose shame irs if you're out there. At a time, Melissa is not going to tolerate your nose takes away. Yeah. Of course, what's next for you? So Ninety day we talked about it masters on hiatus for the week because of baseball, the world series is going on. So we'll be back maybe next week if there's no game seven or like the final game. Or the week after it'll be fine. It'll be a fun time Ileana rated talk about that and other than that I. I'm busy with my twitch stuff I've been getting some host to place them among us some frenzy play among us. That's been a lot of fun on Sundays Five PM Eastern, and yeah you can find me on twitter instagram, which is on all three platforms. I tried to explain among us to some people who you know I'm very much in this bubble of rob has a five gas in this world that I tried to explain. What among us was just the people who are not really in this. Space and they looked at me like I was crazy I was trying to explain like the game and then you kill people and it's like Mafia. Mafia like. Oh. It was I. You know. Trying to like, oh, it's like trying to explain explain it. It was like talking to people. Something from another planet. The. On on a spaceship. Yeah. Mafias. The one you can lean on it's like it's like Mafia video game addition. So if they don't know what Mafia is Ooh, then you're gonNA have our time explaining it for sure. Yeah, I was trying to say like. My kids play what you play this game with people murdered with your kids. Yeah. They like it by the way. That I know you're busy twit streaming but my son's pl- they like the play among us in real life. Oh okay. Do Tell do tell like a look a role play type? Yeah. So it's like Okay Dad. Let's play among us and. The posture. Guys go around and you pretend to do all the tasks around the house. And my younger son was like, yeah let's wait until nighttime so that it'll be like space outside. So we're doing we're doing the tasks and that it's like Dead Body quick. Evan emergency meeting. House..

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