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Snapchat the app is very popular with young people and it turns out it has become popular with child predators as well joining us now is adam scott want who's an assistant professor of public policy john j college of criminal justice in new york adam thanks for joining us thank you for having me and how much predatory behaviour you seeing right now on snapchat especially versus other sites are apps snapchat has become a haven for child predators to be able to both exchanged child pornography with each other and to be able to induce children to send us pictures of them to the predator and we're also seeing differ kulti in law enforcement being able to investigate due to these safeguard snapchat has in deleting both snap some stories after a certain amount of time because they they disappear of right away within a few seconds in some cases in some cases you know it depends snapchat supports different methods of communication a snap stories and chats some disappear as soon as they're open in red other stay around for a day or so um some could stay as long as thirty days but if law enforcement doesn't know that this is going on and they don't get to snapchat on time with a legal process to request or to preserve the evidence they lose it forever so what can investigators do about that it's really difficult unless an investigator is able to either get to snapchat within 24 hours of the snap being exchanged or unless they're able to pre identify who the predator is and set up an operation with snapchat where their monitoring that offender um you know it's it's extremely hard to do we have children all over the country that are being approached by people they think our children their own age but really they are predators they are adults who are significantly older than them and have fake profiles to try to lure the children to send them a photos that could either be nude or of them doing other things is there anything parents can do to protect their children from suffolk this parents are absolutely the first and most important defence in protecting their children from online predators um parents.

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