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Fennell in shawny who have more poll in the tribe than we thought, but that was what we were presented with, at least in terms of how the page boat went down. Yeah, I feel like they definitely like it. You think you hit the nail on the head that Teagan and heath teeth as we've been so refreshing leaving closely teeth is they have to just go with with what? What, what if anyone wants, and in that instance? Yes. I like that. He said, look, I think you should be Benji and I will nothing Zach, right? Let's make Zach like we also Constanze back. We're all saying getting rid of one of the votes the that's working with Benji. So I think that they made the right move there. The second vote is a whole whole other thing, but I think I made the right move for Fanilo and shawny. I really think that Teagan and he made a couple of mistakes going going through this double episodes. One of the things that I thought was. Interesting. Was that in any part of it was like, okay, Benji is clearly spooked. He may have an auto. Let's just put on on back Jack, and there was any part of that that could have been the thought process. I mean, that's possible also. I mean, I was more confused about Benji and Robbie also voting for xactly who tipped them off. This is why I think Chanel have so much power in this tribe that once they started the bowl rolling, I think that they just everyone just kinda jumped on board and it's festival. It's crazy that there's been so many unanimous votes off to heath just out unanimous vote with an auto. That is insane to me. But what's happening is wherever shawnee and Fanilo going, everyone is jumping on board because I really do think we've got these two sides that while they're voting together, voted together by choice voted together because they both want shawny and Fanilo. So whatever, shawnee and Fennell do as long as it isn't specifically one person in each of those Piz they're going to do it, and that is why Zack has gone home. That is what page is going high because we saw that shawnee was so..

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