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Weird looking at traditional people to he ever apologize okay makes you feel what you love r i love tzitziashvili said yes it was it caesar who said um if you have a punchline always put a cut or a cia in it like if you have punching g choose a word like shaq akon correct it's always going to connect on him with cambridge kharlamov without the means you oh he did yeah he did up so now on i i know that we're about to wrap it up at you you also have this interactive uh bribery out and working ara what's it called skull defrost and had should be coming out i don't know exactly when we've been working on we shot in five days two years of post while because this is a new technology of firm virtual reality where you put on glasses and you look around your inside the movie we got uh my friend bruce davis from cartwright from uh o one of the most prolific actress zargar's you have what you know her sister was in land of loss in space net but veron it was also a child actor in all of these movies and she continues to work do they you know in um oh oh she's been in i think both invasion of the body snap snatchers she was in the sit 1978 she had a scary at a hell jeez in the 1970s eight hours is a key for sutherland's father what's his name did donald said yes yes yes and uh and then she's also in the m a nikki kidman are being expanded its kid miller's an elevations she plays a role in that we have harry hamlin and we have pro weather's her own wow paula creed yeah yeah and and produced by and starring a tenant frederick whose the wife of.

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