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Hate and hating one another. I hope not, because that's not the future I want for my Children, and it's not the future. I want for any of your Children, representative Grain who was punished for social media postings about conspiracy theories before her election, which she has since apologized for committee assignments are usually handled by the party's congressional leaders. The Senate is still in session at this hour, debating numerous Republican amendments to a rulemaking bill that would allow Democrats to pass a coronavirus relief package without Republican support. Democrats defeating the amendments, but members are being forced to go on the record on controversial issues such as expanding the number of Supreme Court justices. Johnson and Johnson has asked the Food and Drug Administration to authorize its Corona virus vaccine for emergency use in the U. S. It's hell to be less effective than the two already approved but requires only one dose and less special handling. Ah Hospital in Israel says it may have a cure for people suffering from Cove in 19. Doctors, Eddie hello of hospital in Tel Aviv, say 29 out of 30 virus. Patients in serious condition made a full recovery within five days after taking the drug. The announcement follows by days, one, heralding similar results, and another Israeli hospital have Dawson Medical Center. The doctors say the treatment, which is said to be inexpensive, is taken once a day. They say it took longer than five days for the 30th patient who also recovered Fox's Gary Baumgarten. God is listening to Fox News. From the Bucks, News Podcasts Network download and listen to the media buzz meter with Howard Kurtz. Sarge was charged with 17 counts of espionage and one of computer misuse over the Wiki leaks publication of those thousands of leaked military and diplomatic documents, his lawyers say. Oh, he's acting as a journalist. I'd like to see that testimony corner never regarded you leave a sign of the journalist. I don't think it takes the precautions that journalists do think he just tries to.

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