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On ESPN radio all throughout the day. Stugatz claimed during the break that Scott van pelt made him cry last night in talking about how Juwan Howard cried that was pretty cool to see Juwan Howard introduced as the Michigan coach and it meaning so much to a guy who you know, got one hundred million dollar contract when he was in the league that, that job would mean so much as someone who did the hundred million dollar contract is usually aren't willing to sit on the end of an NBA bench. Bright learning how to become an assistant coat. Yes. I mean it was it was interesting to watch goosebumps for major wa and not even being able to start the press conference because he was so emotional be back in Arbor, Michigan play that sound in a second. But Chris Cody was saying that he loves s VP in what he does. And he doesn't understand what s VP does in that he says that Scott van pelt says the thing that he was thinking, but just better. Her. Well, but Christian I've been discussing this week is the one big thing and how it makes us emotional. And it really does Scott's not saying, anything new, he just has a delivery. That makes me cry. I gave last night's one big thing, five tiers, I have a tier system. Five tears last night for one big thing. He doesn't come at you with hot takes. He says reasonable things but he just articulates it better than everyone else. So let's hear Juwan Howard here. Ramoche inal being introduced he was at the center of the five five he was sort of the conservative member of the fab five, Jalen, and Chris Webber were more about the swag than he was, was rob Pelinka. And so here is John Howard's introductory press conference at the tough job because beeline, there had super disciplined teams they always played well, and here's Juwan Howard, stepping informed. Well. Tears of joy. Great. Thank you. Everyone. I said, I was gonna cry. Just never happens when you aside about something so special to you, the main so much. Last time I had a press conference in this building for nineteen ninety four declared thousand go to the NBA felt like I was down my teammates, because I didn't do what I came here to bring a championship to this university, university dot care. So much about gifts. You can see that now. Now, let's fast for twenty five years later. I'm back STAN where you moved by any of that. Absolutely. I am by the fact that you know what you said about these guys who are one hundred million dollar players. I went through it with Patrick Ewing. I mean, who's even a much bigger star than Jilan, and then was willing to serve his time as an assistant coach and, and learn to be great in, in an entirely different line of work. I mean, I have great respect and four juon like I do for Patrick and was really moved to see how meaningful it was to him. It's God's I want to ask you a question because do any of you in the shipping container? Remember John Wehner? You remember John, Wayne, our backup majorly. Remember all the ninety Florida. Florida Marlins fan. Yep. I spent a year, pretending I was John Wayne. Okay. For those of you do not know. No, you think he's joking. I don't think he is John Weiner. He pretended because he worked in the Marlins ticket office and got a small World Series ring, not so small. I mean listen way nizing at the time was very nice. This is the nineteen Ninety-seven World Series. He got every employee, a World Series ring, I happen to be one of those employees, I think at the players ring, but I still got a decent. Listen STAN, I think of what a better scam. You can think of in baseball then backup catcher, always wearing a mask who has a name similar to yours. John, Wayne, or if you could ignore that he was five six and no major league catchers since before Yogi Berra has been five six, if you ignore that Jon wiener was John Wayne for a year, pretending when he met people that he was the backup catcher for the champions, those Dan, yes, because or was the backup catcher and. Wayne put everyone's last name on the ring. So my, my last name was Weiner. And so I just quickly show it to people, and I would tell them I'm John Wayne or backup catcher for the world champion Florida Marlins that worked out well for he's. This gusting. Whatever we talking, he's reservation he is a broadcaster now for the Pittsburgh Pirates. And he was, you know, he was considered someone who was fun. But he would not, you know, nothing that resembled swagger was ever in his game because backup catchers in baseball, or not allowed to have swagger did point. And so he well, unless you're Paul Baako Bob Natal's. Oh, so we've stumbled upon something here. John Wayne said of Derek Dietrich air miles Davis. Paul bach. Garrick teacher has seventeen home runs against the pirates. He's got like seven home runs twenty two at bats. He's Babe Ruth all of a sudden he was on pace to break. Barry Bonds is record for home runs per at bat there and heat because he's been pimping out the trots. John Wayne, her who didn't hit many home run. Ones. Said that Derek Dietrich's grandfather would be rolling over in his grave, if he saw the amount of enjoyment. Derek Dietrich was getting out of hitting his home run. And I'm just curious as someone who's a baseball fan and you can be anti-fun. I'm curious what you think of what's happening here. No, I mean, I think look those guys, especially the guys who aren't going to hit forty a year. Yeah. You gotta have fun when you hit him. I mean I have no problem in that. I mean you can go too far. Maybe you know, if you're starting to point at the pitcher and things like that, but you wanna have some fun with it have fun with it. Guys backup catcher hall of fame. First ballot. I'm going to start the bidding at self Zano. I got you Greg son. Of course. Seaman. Wow. Eddie perez. Am I going to obscure with Scott decker? No, not at all. Not at all. I have on guys Bobby delay. Oh, jolly O'Brien bandstand. Do you hated Ross? Ron barrages. Oh. That's a good one. My allowed to say Ramon Castro. No. Why we went over this in the meeting pastors in compliance PowerPoint on it. Stand miss that meeting, the I guess I. I did are we out of how about Don slot, going back to far? No. I mean he would mash Don slot had a couple of seasons like fifteen to twenty I'm telling you about Jorges. Hey fabric guests..

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