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Polling data that's why the sudden change of mind her ideology hasn't change but the polling data has and that's the reason why she's a backed off the crumbs comment oj simpson on the big fox special ali all night and again this was about the book the confession called the book go was called if i did it here's what he said that has outraged many you know almost like you you were ron and nicole were were physically debt and azzam finding kill me who i was was with attacked the murder also in that short period of time and add in once again i i to this day it bugs me that it seems that people want it made a peak felt really really bothered me what a freaking psycho he's out there giving interviews saying that ron goldman and nicole brown simpson killed him i guess meaning his careers reputation i hope that that is just idle why the networkdriven bothered interviewing this guy and judith regan who wrote the of the book if i did it at this interesting shortage all about o j's lawyer who approached her to write the book walk you through how you got the interview and what were the ground rules for this interview well i received a phone call uh from an attorney who said that oj was ready to confess and actually i thought it was some kind of a scam and didn't believe him and i thought this guy's a lunatic but i took his number and set i call him back and the next day i call them back and he said he was willing to do it in the only condition that he had was that he didn't want to call the book i did it he wanted to put an if in front of it so that he would have deniability with his children that was his only condition now that's interesting if it's true because originally was i did it the lawyer says no no we gotta ahead if to the title not because o j didn't do it because he wanted deniability for his children sick on real take 14 traffic about the first with the update we've got the king of all traffic chuck the body whitaker thank you sean brought to you is a service of bill guild electrical services they serve the.

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