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It's good one. That the punt is not it's li- drive hits forty five rolls data to thirty six. It ain't your territory that was a low line drive kick. Look like he just wanted to get rid of it that time he did take over leading seven nothing with five thirty five to go on the cats can really put themselves. I think in a really good mental spot here right now. You got the fumble punts. Are I should say not punt, but snapping, then they went three and out. They can turn around and puts up pretty quick here. I think ever been really good for that mentally a little depressing for accurate. Imagine Agra seven at six last year, but they did open with blowout loss on the road at Penn State. Terry Bowden in his seventh year in Akron, warmer, coaching Auburn, but several coaching stops is twenty five year career taking him. I think. Auburn that was easy national championship. He had there. Glazing get a wintrust sideline report. Wintrust official back north western athletic Geragos back to your point about this opportunity here the western. Game degree was to finishing drives. They didn't do that on their first drive. Now, they did take advantage of that last opportunity after the mishap for accurate. It wasn't exactly drive, but it was a huge opportunity took advantage out. But here they go to have the ball and to go through of all the way down the field and actually finish a drive. It just be a big lift for this team right out to be able to do that. And while you're down there. Take a little look at festival lion. And and see what the what the field is right there. What the attitude is the confidence because they're running the football so far very nicely here. Yeah. There was actually a lot of confidence steeled after that. Jeremy Larkin touchdown run. One thing. I've noticed too Clayton Thorson has been more involved in the offense of lying conversations. So far this is actually getting in that puddle, which is a little bit. A little bit in the last few years, but it's almost every single time. And he's almost coaching up the offensive line as he gets more and more experiences leader. And they also might have seen things where he might have to change the torrential all the protection from one side to the opposite side based on their looks. So maybe there's a lot of communication going on from a protection standpoint to cats have. Four receivers to the right want to the left Thorson and the God. James Cameron greed. Along those guys as Thorson looks things over I out for the thirty six sets up a screen right site quad at the thirty five to forty at moving ahead across the forty to the forty three yard line. That's Jeremy Larkin and dropped out by John lake go after a nice guy, I out of seven yards second and three. Coming out of five fifteen for the first quarter has leading seven nothing looking for. Thorson under center this time hands to Larkin spins out of a tackle. In the backfield gets shoved back. The ball comes out. I think he was already down now. All davis. John lake. Oh, nothing do with that. Topic rigs up third down. One of their less productive plays. The wildcats. Ponder down. What a great JJ Jefferson, the true, freshman aunt. He's out to the right? Launch Cam graders in the slot. Boatmen running back on third down in short swinging up passes tipped and moten tried to haul it in all the rebound. Put quite do. It broke it up payment a of late at Bryant bell was the guy who did it. And so it brings up four cats. This time they go three now very heads up play by their outside linebacker. They're tipping nap Paul if he had not gotten his hand up that would have been a first down to mountain as you went off towards his own bench there in the flat. On a three and out J Collins on Audrey Williams, deep here is the snap. Here's high floated down the far hash Mark fair. Catch signal debate at the seventeen yard line by Andre Williams. So accurate gets the ball still looking for their first I doubt they've been outgained in total offense sixty three yards to find this one here the first quarter, but only outscored seven now thinking that I think you just hit the male the head of your you get these chances. They started twice inside accurate territory scored on one of those but they've had good field position. And now that that's what they talked about got to finish drives right Akron for their own seventeen. Three announcement a good start. Now motion penalty markers down they said Edwards emotion that time. And we have flags all over the field. False start offense number fifty six five yard penalty. I doubt that is their right? Tackle Brandon council. So it'll be first out at fifteen puts that behind the chains at the twelve yard line. Twenty five to go in the first quarter. After the penalty hurt the cats have been pretty good defensively on I now plays they've gotten good yardage. They have not been stuck behind the chains. Like Akron is right here at first and fifteen that's always advantage, especially when you got the bomb the twelve yard line. Snapped Nelson on a drug is the Edwards who's a race to the backfield. They were on him. So quickly. It was amazing. Jared Mckee got in there and a big loss of the play at second bile, a loss on the play of four more all the way back to the yard line breaks up. Second down in nineteen that was a safety blitz. Jerry McGee with eleven tackles there. You could see him creeping up on the white side of the field. He crashed in he barely handed the ball off and Mckee Maitha tackle h Stuart out to the left two receivers. Right. Second out of nineteen acrid Nelson. But his heels on his own three yard line. He'll just he'll take himself off the left side routes out near the original line of scrimmage make the gift to Edwards pulled it back. Out grabs wreck new Saranda down near the original line of scrimmage, the seventeen it brings up with twenty six to go with the first quarter. You can see how shifted. He is quarterback. What a nice job he made the first defender for the cats missing. The open field. Stewart wide left Boris wide. Right. They stack two receivers. Including Smith on the right side in the slot on third and ten Nelson rolling short left, and it is caught at the twenty five short of the first buying couple caught by Nate Stewart. Nice grab it is short of the first it has to be fourth-down. What's again acronym of punt? So they go three and out yet again. We saw a little bit of this type of plate last week in the second half of the cats were playing just stingy defense with a bunch of three and outs. That's what we've seen so far here totally completed catch that clay is under further review. They're going to take a look at this dead. Stewarded fat hats the ball. We get a look at the replay here of the good. Did you see a tap because he's still sure the first down. Well, either way they're gonna pot up slowly, but there's still some yardage shirt potentially. That's it. Eight yard difference. Adam Hoge you saw. Yeah. It's one of those where he was loaded the ground, and there definitely was some kind of bobble. So it's just a matter of the ball hit the ground as he bobbled it. It was very close by he was short anyway. Well, he was short. But you'd certainly rather have. Putting a little bit deeper giving big cats. Better field position. That's eight yard difference here potentially. That's such a valid point. Gosh. Just keep come it. Looks it looks to me like. Fight a slid under his hands as he dove for. It's again, it's it's gotta be conclusively video evidence. And I'm not sure where to get -clusive evidence here. Indisputable video evidence. No, I think it hit the ground. Just just based on what we see on the Jumbotron. But that doesn't mean that's what they'll call. Here comes the call after review ruling on the field stanzas called an athletic catch out. Okay. So it is fourth down, and they will pot. There's been four three announcing this game. So far. Bradford at one for the cat. So back to back three announce your for Akron again Riley, lease he's active. He's been busy accurate. Still without a first down to thirty eight to go or the first quarter cats late seven out the Gasser depart from his own tap Lee. Standing at the thirty eight yard line. Here's the ticket again. Short line drive. Take it by lease at the forty three yard line. He is Dowd right away. Never had a chance that time has dumped burkhart wide receiver downfield on special teams the takedown Riley lease on the capsule with better field position this Brian than they had the last word starting from the one yard line after that pot. And that was a very punt. It's hard to handle drive wobbly punt, but if he had not it in and he took a lot of ability to fill that role. Forever. I was online driver. All right. So larkin. Thoresen two receivers left to the right to twenty seven to go in the first quarter. I down for the end you forty one to give to lock it. A running left gets a block cuts it up across the forty five to the v eight and accurate territory to the forty nine yard live, very close to a I doubt. If he didn't get it. He's maybe a half a yard short album. Davis had Ulysses Gilbert random del. Wow. That's a really well blocked play at the point of attack on everybody got involved hat on hat Cameron green making a great edge setting block.

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